Freecom external drive wiped - cannot use

  wildhouse 12:12 13 Sep 2009

Whilst cloning the hard drive on my daughter's laptop, the procedure failed and now the Freecom XXS external drive is not showing as an option to use. When I go into Device Manager I can see it there. The Freecom site shows how to assign a drive letter to it in Windows 98 and XP, but not in Vista. Can anyone tell me how to re-assign a drive letter and partition the drive so that I can at least back-up the laptop before she returns to uni tomorrow (the cloning program I used was Easeus - I will now delete that since it didn't work)

  crosstrainer 12:18 13 Sep 2009

Make and model of the external will help us.

If you can get to it via my computer > Device manager then format it (NTFS0

Also, check that the BIOS is not set to boot from your external.

  wildhouse 12:23 13 Sep 2009

It's a Freecom Moilbe Drive XXS - I have no idea how to format it or how to check whether it is has to be booted from external or how to do that!

  mgmcc 12:38 13 Sep 2009

Go into Disk Management ("Start > Run", type DISKMGMT.MSC and click OK) which should show the external hard drive in both the list of drives and in the 'graphical' display.

Right click the external drive in either section and it should give you the options available for the drive. If necessary, it should let you partition the drive, allocate a drive letter and then format it.

  wildhouse 13:12 13 Sep 2009

Right - I seem to have got there somehow or other and I think I have now allocated it a drive name and hopefully it is formatting - it says it is at 25% (has taken about half an hour)but it is a 149GB drive so hopefully another hour should do it - will report back! Thanks

  crosstrainer 13:25 13 Sep 2009

It will take time....Be patent

  crosstrainer 13:38 13 Sep 2009

Also get rid of the software that came with it (your format should do the trick, but check in control panel > programmes and features, then remove anything relating to the Freecom stuff.

  wildhouse 14:36 13 Sep 2009

Drive now working again. Will do a back-up instead of cloning for the time being!
Thanks to all for your help.

  Technotiger 15:19 13 Sep 2009

'Cloning', is IMHO an often miss-used word! Cloning is not Backing-up.

The Cloning option is specifically meant to be used for the purpose of Up-grading a main C: Drive, as when wanting to fit a larger capacity drive in a PC, to replace an older smaller capacity C: Drive.

The new larger drive can be added as a second drive internally, or more usually fitted in a USB External Enclosure connected to the PC.

Using Acronis or similar, and then choosing the Cloning option and following, preferably, all the Default settings, the Entire contents of the old smaller C: Drive will be Cloned to the new larger Drive in the USB Enclosure.

Once the Cloning has completed, it is then a simple matter of physically Swapping the two drives over - the new larger drive will then automatically become the PC's main C: Drive. The old smaller drive can then be placed in the external enclosure and Formatted to be used as extra Drive Capacity for whatever use, as required of it.

Cloning is not used to move a drive from one PC to another PC - this would not work, as no two PC's are identical.

  crosstrainer 19:29 13 Sep 2009

As Technotiger has posted, you need to be clear on what you want to do with the new drive.

If you wish to backup the PC to which it's connected, get a copy of Acronis or similar.

You can't clone a PC and then install on the new / Other..

As Technotiger states...It just won't work.

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