Ray5776 20:45 27 Dec 2005

Hi, Anyone get one of these for xmas or does anyone know anything about them? It is a small usb stick that is supposed to work the same as a TV digibox and give you digital tv on your PC.
I can`t get it to do anything at all so any suggestions wellcome. Have tried the manufacturers support site but I dont expect much joy until probably new year (Not that I blame them, I am on holiday too).
I doubt if the hardware is actually faulty, is is probably some silly thing I am missing.
Any help most wellcome I dont really want to wait to new year.


  VoG II 20:57 27 Dec 2005

I recently bought one and it works (though not brilliantly with the supplied antenna.

Did you follow the installation instructions click here - the Quick Install Guide is not very useful unless you are a mind reader.

  Diodorus Siculus 20:57 27 Dec 2005

When you plug it in, does the machine recognise it?

  Ray5776 21:17 27 Dec 2005

Hi, thanks for the quick responses, Thanks for the link to the manual I have however printed out all 34 pages of it from the CD and followed it to the letter.
I cant see it in device manager but if I click on the desktop icon the setup board appears on the screen but the start button is greyed out so I cant do anything.

  Ray5776 22:09 27 Dec 2005

Have re-installed on another usb port, this is the third go. I can now access the autoscanner but it finds no tv or radio stations at all. Tried the antenna suplied and also my rooftop (Which is new and as good as they get) Cant find any stations TV or Radio.
Just says "NO Signal"


  cyberphobic 22:45 27 Dec 2005

Are you using it with a laptop or a desktop? Santa brought me one (I asked him to!) which I'm using with a laptop and the aerial position is really critical i.e. position A No Signal, Position B (an inch away) and it works perfectly! Have you used the extension USB lead? for some reason mine works much better with that. For £42 (ebuyer)it is a fantastic piece of kit.

  ton 22:48 27 Dec 2005

I recently installed one, it found all TV & radio stations straight away (with rooftop).

I reckon you might have a duff one.

  Stuartli 22:51 27 Dec 2005

Did you install the software and drivers first, which is normally the requirement for USB devices?

You also need to use a USB2 port.

Here's a review that might help:

click here

  daba 23:34 27 Dec 2005

just a thought - can you receive digital tv in your locale - go to click here and enter your postcode.

for my postcode it says I 'may' need a different type of aerial, i think dtv signals are vertically polarised here, and the standard analogue signals are horizontal, having said that, my daughter who lives 100 yards away receives dtv using one of them cheap circular set-top thingy's

sometimes if you've got the best set-up for standard reception (because you need it) it may just be the wrong thing for digital tv.

your local tv shops - currys dixons etc etc should know all the info and advise best for your locale

  Ray5776 23:47 27 Dec 2005

I have installed the software and drivers corectly.
Although it is possible I think it unlikely that the
hardware is faulty.
Dont know what to do now,
The thing should work surely,
Package it all up and send it back and get another exactly the same or write off £50 and give up.

What would you do?


  daba 00:06 28 Dec 2005

I would do what i suggested earlier - check your postcode as in previous post - see what it says

you may need a better/different aerial, and your local tv shops like dixons etc will know what problems you may have in your area and can advise further

initially i would expect the problem to be signal reception

if, after you have an aerial that will support the dtv in your area, and your Freecom DVB stick still wont work, then you will be able to return it for a refund, it is only fair to freecom and the seller that you have suitable reception signal for it to work correctly

this tv reception is not all drivers and software, no amount of the same will allow a device to work if it can't see the signal it is supposed to receive

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