Freecell and Freeserve Anytime Connection Kit

  doug 17:22 15 Mar 2003

Downloaded and installed the Freeserve Anytime Connection Kit yesterday, anything to improve the current performance. However, I now have a snag, my Freecell game has gone doolally. I can load it start a game but as soon as I move the mouse into the board area it changes to the hourglass and nothing more happens. I've removed the MS games via Add/remove programes, run Regclean, defragged in safe mode, re-booted and re-installed the games package but still the same problem. Any suggestions folks?

  doug 17:23 15 Mar 2003

Win 98SE, Sorry for the omission.

  Djohn 17:33 15 Mar 2003

If you have AVG running, then try un-ticking the IE.Express plug-in, it worked for me.

  doug 17:36 15 Mar 2003

Talk me through it.

  Djohn 17:42 15 Mar 2003

Right click on the AVG Icon in the SYS. tray, and click on, Run control centre.

Once open, left click on the tab, *Email scanner* and you will see the box, "Use Outlook express 5 plug in. Remove the tick, and Freecell should work fine. Regards, J.

  doug 17:49 15 Mar 2003

Thaks for speedy response but the box for use Outlook Express Plug-in wasn't checked when I just checked. You've had similar problems? I have voticed that at the top left hand corner of the title bar for Freecell there is now some form of corrupted icon. Thats why I removed and re-installed as above. Any further thoughts? Tnx.

  Djohn 18:01 15 Mar 2003

Not sure now, but this worked for me and quite a few others.

You can try disabling AVG by right clicking on the Icon in Sys. tray and choose (Shutdown AVG) it's quite safe to do so and is only needed when you are on the net. It will reload automatically on reboot, or from start/programs AVG.

Give this a try and see if it helps. From one Freecell fan to another! J. :o)

  Djohn 18:03 15 Mar 2003

I also had the corrupted Icon, top left of Freecell, think it was a ? mark.

  doug 18:17 15 Mar 2003

Just ran it OK in Safe mode and noted that it wasn't the icon that was corrupted but the word FreeCell. I un-checked the AVG_CC command in the start-up group in MS config and the did a normal re-boot but even without the AVG in -operation in the SYS tray still had the problem. There is obviously something I have during normal running the is causing a conflict. Starting to go beyond my capability. Short of remming out AVG so it doesn't start operate before the main windows boot up I ca only think of progreesively de-activating every application in the start-up group to try and track the problem down. You have enablem me to make some progress though. Tnx.

  Djohn 18:28 15 Mar 2003

Your welcome Doug, sorry my suggestions didn't fix the problem, I'm sure you will sort it soon though. J.

  doug 20:12 15 Mar 2003

Yep. It's defiitely the new Freeserve Anytime Connection Kit. As I indicated above I've worked through msconfig de-activating start-up items. The culprit turns out to be Microdialler, which drives the new connection kit. As I understood the blurb, this enables IE to dial alternate lines if the oe being dialled is busy. Having de-activted it, Freecell is now working fine, in addition I have made a successful connection and Freecell is running in the background. Don't know the next step yet so will leave the thread un-ticked hoping for more input. Tnx for suggestions so far Djohn.

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