Freecell again

  Tony The Bike 18:59 19 Jul 2003

Four days ago I put in a thread about freecell not working. The timer stays on all the time and stops me from playing the game. I have formatted my hard drive to fix the problem, and it worked for about 24 hours and then it went back the same way.
When I formatted my hard drive I put some games on,one of which was bookworm,then I put my ISP back on and McAfee and ran a virus check. It came up with infected file in bookworm. I quarantined it,went into reg edit and deleted bookworm but freecell still wont work.
Can anyone help me I would be very interested to find out how to cure the problem without having to format my drive again.

  Djohn 19:13 19 Jul 2003

Have you tried diabling the antivirus while you play? Perfectly safe to do so while off-line.

  Tony The Bike 20:11 21 Jul 2003

Thank you Djohn I have tried the antivirus and no look it is still the same.

  Djohn 21:41 21 Jul 2003

Sorry that didn't cure it. If you are using 98se as your O/S try the following. Use Ctrl/alt/del. to bring up all running programs, then close one at a time to find the conflict. It will be ok to close all programs except explorer and sys tray. j.

  Tony The Bike 16:12 22 Jul 2003

Thank you Djohn It worked when I close the lot and left explorer and sys tray in.

  roygbiv 18:03 22 Jul 2003

This problem is happening to my mother in law and she doesent know what to do now (she plays Freecell a lot). Alan.

  Djohn 18:38 22 Jul 2003

Your welcome. I too enjoy the game, play every night, highest score so far is 150 consecutive games at 100%. Out of all the possible combinations, I believe there is only one that can not be completed! Can't remember the number at to Mo. but have it written down somewhere.

roygbiv, try as above suggestion then re-introduce each program one at a time to find the one causing the conflict. Usually it can be traced back to, Anti-virus or Firewall program that causes the prob. Regards. j.

  Tony The Bike 14:51 23 Jul 2003

"HI" roygbiv,it was freeserve connection kit that stops my Freecell if you have got it stop it.

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