Free XP to First Willing Victim

  flecc 19:38 03 Feb 2003

Free XP to First Willing Victim
I've watched the computing scene closely since the appearance of the ZX80, but it was only when 98SE arrived that I considered that the PC had reached a stage where it could be useful. Accordingly a year later I bought my first one.

More recently I'm being constantly frustrated by the numerous inadequacies of Windows XP, and the last straw came when I found/remembered that XP doesn't have dual monitor support.

Understandably I've no intention of going back to the days of Windows 3.1, and that, combined with the huge leap forward that HyperOS has given to Windows 98 means I'm getting rid of my XP partitions. Therefore there's a Windows XP CD and key number waiting for the first person to mail for it. There's actually also a copy CD and a second number as well, but I can't guarantee that second number since it wasn't accepted on my machine.

  Sir Radfordin™ 19:39 03 Feb 2003

Most kind ;-)

  graham 19:41 03 Feb 2003

I'll take the first one, please.

  TheTerminator 19:47 03 Feb 2003

How close was I?
5 minutes too late

  jazzypop 20:00 03 Feb 2003

Just a small point in your obvious dislike of XP compared to W98se, but there are many people who are happily running XP with multiple monitors.

See especially the very clear description by Bob Young at click here (make sure you also click the 'read the rest of this message' link in his post).

I hope this doesn't dissuade you from your very generous offer :)

  jazzypop 20:02 03 Feb 2003

P.S. - I also started with the ZX80 ... oh the joys of the 'ram pack wobble' :)

  Rtus 20:10 03 Feb 2003

W98 forever.............

  Eagle Eyed Cherry 20:16 03 Feb 2003

I dont suppose you want to get rid of your ZX80.......I'll take it ;-))

  VoG™ 20:20 03 Feb 2003

I've never tried it myself but this is from XP HE Help

Multiple monitors overviewWindows makes it possible for you to increase your work productivity by expanding the size of your desktop. Connecting up to ten individual monitors, you can create a desktop large enough to hold numerous programs or windows.

You can easily work on more than one task at a time by moving items from one monitor to another or stretching them across numerous monitors. Edit images or text on one monitor while viewing Web activity on another. Or you can open multiple pages of a single, long document and drag them across several monitors to easily view the layout of text and graphics. You could also stretch a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet across two monitors so you can view numerous columns without scrolling.

One monitor serves as the primary display and will hold the logon dialog box when you start your computer. In addition, most programs will display windows on the primary monitor when you initially open them. Different screen resolutions and different color quality settings can be selected for each monitor. Multiple monitors can be connected to individual graphics adapters or to a single adapter that supports multiple outputs.

Use Display in Control Panel to configure the settings for multiple monitors.

Using Dualview
On many portable computers and some desktop computers (those with two video ports on one video card), you can expand your display to a second monitor by using Dualview. Dualview is very similar to the multiple monitor feature, with the exception that you cannot select the primary display. On a portable computer, the primary monitor is always the LCD display screen. On a desktop computer, it is the monitor attached to the first video out port.

Once you attach the second monitor and turn on your computer, use Display in Control Panel to configure your settings, just as you do with multiple monitors. Dualview can be used with docked or undocked portable computers.

  flecc 22:03 03 Feb 2003

Yes, I'd found that later, but it still wasn't what I wanted. Obviously I was irritated at first at MS telling me to go online and read articles. However, I also use a KVM on the main channel, and what I then get is the ability to leave a display at one computer, such as an online question for example, while I look at another system in a second/third computer. There's nothing like that flexibility in this stretched screen system.

So those XP CDs still go out as promised.

  cream. 22:35 03 Feb 2003

Running two pc's here with X\P. One has been going for 13 months with out a hitch, tell a lie, have had 2 system restores from installation of dodgy software.

It's a pity I have missed out as a friend as asked me to install X\P on his new maxtor hard disk that comes wednesday, courtesy of ebuyer.

He says he is pig sick of 98se crashes. He has used my system quite often when his is down and is very impressed with X\P, so he has bought a copy ready for his new hard drive.

I have checked his system out and downloaded the drivers needed for it.

I also agree that I am fed up with X\P. I used to love the bsod, the fatal exceptions and of course the usual weekly format.

Oh I would love to go back to 98se and get my boot disk out of storage. lol

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