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  Damarc 13:53 08 Oct 2008

I've posted something like this before but can't search under my profile. In fact I can hardly read the screen now as the fonts merge into the background colour!!!

Anyway I already have some webspace on "Virginmedia which I use Frontpage with VM password. They have told me that I can't have a separate website under an alias email address, evidently only one per customer. My current one is used for local riding club. I need to set up another website to advertise my new business and I've been told by VM to google for free webhosting. This I've done but don't really know what I'm doing. I think that if I start another website in Frontpage it may ask for my old id and password and confuse the whole issue. Is it possible to obtain a web host that has an allied programme to input onto the new website. The sort of thing that you can do with Facebook and other individual site. So that I can do a basic design, input text and photos and a contact point as a hyperlink. Can someone advise me the best sort of webhost that might provide this free????

  Pesala 12:13 10 Oct 2008

You can have as many websites as you like on your server space — click here and click here for example. I guess the problem is that you can only use one domain name.

I suppose you could use a simple direct link like mine for your riding club, and use a proper domain name for your business — linking to the riding club from your business site if it is related.

The problem with free hosting is the strings attached to it — advertising usually, or bandwidth limitations. Unrelated advertising on a business website is definitely not desireable.

I don't think a paid for web-hosting service like click here will break the bank, but you never know these days!

  DieSse 12:20 10 Oct 2008

click here

Has free hosting, with decent facilities and a control panel.

No ads or pop-ups, good service - up to two real domain names and up to five free sub-domain names ( - great for testing)

I use it for a couple of simple "proper" sites (eg click here) and several test sites.

  Damarc 16:52 10 Oct 2008

offering free webspace and you can use tools on the site to do a sort of publishing. Does anyone know anything about this? DieSSe I like your site and will try that one if people think that the Microsoft one is useless. I thought it might be compatible with all the other stuff I use in the Office software.

  Damarc 16:56 10 Oct 2008

Just checked on award space and have I read it correctly, the free trial is only for 5 months and then it's pay time?

  DieSse 21:13 10 Oct 2008

No - I've had the free plan for over 3 years now. You can upgrade if you wish - that's up to you. They do try to encourage you, but then they would, and you can't blame them!

  mimosa418 11:18 11 Oct 2008

Another host worth trying is click here . They have control panel and good tutorials

  sajeev 03:06 17 Oct 2008

If your's is a serious business which you hope to build into a substantial enterprise, it is more than worthwhile to pay for a domain name and a webhost. Think of it as an essential expense, like electricity or the telephone.
Free websites are usually unreliable in the long run and offer little support when things go wrong.
Your website should be the face of your business: well designed, of course, but also always running, with constant inovations such as email orders/enquiries, frequently updated data on services, online payments and the like.
Go for it. The price is well worth it.
And good luck.

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