Free Websites?!

  Mad Boy 00:39 20 Nov 2003

Ok, as im using a sluggish 56K modem, i find creating websites on the internet very hard and time consuming. Having to load indivdual images and edit text here and there etc. Anyway, the point is it would be more efficient and faster if i created my HTML pages in an offline editor, such as Frontpage 2000. So say, i create my webpages, is it possible to upload it to a web host? Then just upload all the images etc with it.
I hate using Geocities, Yahoo! Tripod, Anglefire etc. So could maybe someone suggest another good free web host?

THANKS! 00:51 20 Nov 2003

of others, but if you don't like the ones you mention, I don't suppose you will like the rest of them. I use a 56k modem, but that's not got a lot to do with it. You will still have to upload your images composing offline.

What is the actual problem?

  Patr100 01:27 20 Nov 2003

Plenty here,
click here

but remember that many free hosts do not allow free FTP access but charge for it, so you may have to use their file uploader although you can still build your site offload with Frontpage or whatever you prefer.

  Mad Boy 14:43 20 Nov 2003

I dont mind uploading it, least then if the connection freezes, or there is a problem uploading the files i can resume. It takes usually about 5 minutes to 8 to upload say a 4Mb file, 7/10 times the process will be cancelled. Least with a FTP i have more chance for resuming it

  Taran 17:01 20 Nov 2003

What on earth are you uploading to a website that is a 4mb file ?

I did a site for a hotel a short time ago with over 40 images and 35 individual pages and the whole site came to less than 2 meg.

Many sites come in at less than 1 meg.

You may need to take a look at what it is you are trying to include since FTP on 56k with many ISPs on a standard landline will be bound to attract a few dropped connections.

Unless you are trying to include files for download (music, video shorts or some pretty large high-res images for example) I can't see why you'd need to be tranfering a 4mb file at all.

Most web pages are a few kb, and images can be kept down in size by effectively optimising them as jpg.

Some commercial sites I've done have been barely over 1mb in total and they have contained many pages and images.

It may be worth mentioning in here what it is you are trying to transfer because it sounds to me that we could get rid ofm any of your FTP problems by sorting out your web files.



  Patr100 19:38 20 Nov 2003

I share Taran's concern at the size of that file. It might be worth bearing in mind that some free hosts may not permit certain media files such as mpegs etc at all. It would also rapidly cause you to exceed your bandwidth allocation which is even more restricted in free sites.

  pirash 15:17 21 Nov 2003

go to click here and you could upload you site with their upload wizard

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