novis 14:15 12 May 2009

I run Advanced Systems care which regularly prompts me to upgrade to the Pro version for $30 to remove the additional problems on my computer. Were it a one-off application I might be tempted but it is annually renewable which seems to be like a con.

Is there a FREE cleaner optimiser that would be as effective and as efficient as this PRO version>

My system is VISTA on a Toshiba Equium laptop.

  tullie 14:25 12 May 2009

Why is it a con if they tell you the cost,just use the free version.

  novis 14:29 12 May 2009


I do use the free version - Advanced Systems Care tell you the cost of their product but not that it is valid for only 1 year, implying the the problems continue to be resolved on an on-going basis once you have bought their product.

  cocteau48 14:36 12 May 2009

The free version IS as efficient as the pro version which ,over and above the free version,is only highlighting changes to the registry .... not necessarily additional problems.
You are probably getting told that the "problems" run into the hundreds and also that the Pro version could increase your download speed by an enormous margin. In that respect it is a con like so many paid for cleaners/optimizers.
Just stick with the free version.

  birdface 14:36 12 May 2009

C Cleaner.Eusing.or Winaso.

  birdface 14:41 12 May 2009

Free cleaner optimizer Winaso.The free version will only repair 10 items at a time but you can run it as often as you like.

  cocteau48 14:42 12 May 2009

I do not know if it still works as it was limited to 10,000 activations,but you could try the d/l and licence key on this site:
click here
which will give you a free upgrade to the Pro version for six months.
You will not notice much performance difference between the two.

  Belatucadrus 19:56 12 May 2009

click here
I've been using this one for a few months and reckon it's pretty good. It does have a nag screen asking you to update when you shut down, but it only sits there for a second or so before vanishing of its own accord.

  Muergo 20:26 12 May 2009

I accidently downloaded uniblue Registry booster and it says I have 695 faults in Activex,OLE,COM, and total of over 1000 faults altogether, it will only repair ten or so without my payment of $25, and I don't know what these faults are and it won't uninstall. Going to try again after getting system recover back according to advice given by Marg7 before.
Machine was working ok before I got near this program.
PCA monitor has red columns all in one of my squares.

  novis 12:00 13 May 2009


I've given WINASO a try and removed the errors that it found. However, running ASC Pro afterwards still found what it claimed to be at least 1K+ errors in the registry and similar optimization faults.

Although removing only 10 faults at a time was tedious - it was free. It can also be scheduled so that they don't continue to mount up in future and it has a registry defragger which I can only assume is useful.

In addition it has an uninstal feature which might help with Uniblue (Muergo, above) as they're meant to be more effective that the default Windows version.

The registry code for the ASC-Pro was out of date and messed up subsequent attempts to download the free version of ASC - but I will have another try.


  User-1229748 12:12 13 May 2009

to uninstall uniblue i think you have to find the program folder and the uninstall is in there although you should not have to go hunting just to uninstall software

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