Free System Resources in XP

  bertiecharlie 18:44 23 Apr 2004

In Windows ME I can get the "Free System Resources" percentage by right clicking My Computer, Properties etc. Can someone advise how you get the figure in XP.

  Lozzy 18:50 23 Apr 2004

Start>>All Programs>>Accessories>>System Tools>>System information

  bertiecharlie 19:02 23 Apr 2004

Couldn't find System Information in System Tools but got to it through Help and Support. Could not see where it told of free system resources, however. I must be missing something.

  bertiecharlie 21:04 24 Apr 2004

Can anyone answer this?

  dogtrack 15:02 25 Apr 2004

what about the "performance"tab in Task Manager
(ctrl+alt+del) there is a lot of info at the bottom of the page.

  bertiecharlie 15:40 25 Apr 2004

Thanks dogtrack, and also thanks Lozzy, but no nearer I'm afraid. On XP you right click the taskbar and then click on Task Manager to bring up information re cpu usage and memory usage etc. No need to do control+alt+delete.

It was the "free system resources" figure I was trying to get, which is simple enough on ME (as above), but proving elusive on XP at the moment.

  SANTOS7 18:15 25 Apr 2004

click here have a look here should give you answers you need,good luck.

  bertiecharlie 18:24 25 Apr 2004

Thanks for that, very interesting article. Still don't know where to get the "free syatem resources" percentage on XP, however. Had another look in System Information but it isn't there.

  SANTOS7 18:29 25 Apr 2004

click here try here bertiecharlie might give more info

  bertiecharlie 18:38 25 Apr 2004

Thanks again, but the article refers to Windows System Resource Manager for servers. It's just the whereabouts of the percentage figure of free system resources in XP that I'm looking for.

Either no-one knows or you are all having a little chuckle. If I go round in circles much longer I'll be meeting myself on the way back, or was that me just there....

  SANTOS7 18:53 25 Apr 2004

click here;jsessionid=PFF2J4PJY5WNNQFIKSBEOSQ?reg=na&cc=us&docName=bpu01773&lc=en scroll to 4b

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