Free Spyware Removal?????

  Seadog 09:33 23 Dec 2004

A friend of a friend has recently managed to get a homepage hi-jacker onto his computer. Does anyone know of a free removal program? He has Spybot and Ad-aware but neither of these can detect nor remove the problem.
There are several on the internet available that say they are free (Free Download and such.....)but after a free scan to find the bug, that you have to pay for the removal part of program.
Is there a free program anywhere?

  Graham ® 09:36 23 Dec 2004

There's loads! Try this first click here

  Seadog 09:42 23 Dec 2004

Thanks for that, it's somewhere else for him to try, I just typed in "spyware removal" in the search engine and the ones that came up weren't free.
Mind you, some people swear by Ad-aware and Spybot but apparently both these programs have failed to pick up the problem! Lets hope one of these others will!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:48 23 Dec 2004

Is there a name for the hijacker? There are some that spyware tools cannot stop.


  Graham ® 09:56 23 Dec 2004

Ad-Aware and Spybot will not pick up a hijacker. And don't trust any programs that google finds. As you have discovered, most will 'find' something and then ask for money - it's a scam.

click here for more on this.

Coolwebshredder is a specific hi-jack remover if required. Select the stand alone version click here

  Seadog 09:57 23 Dec 2004

Sorry Gandalf, I don't know the name, I had a phone call from this lad last night (as I said a friend of a friend) - he thought he had a virus and wanted some help to get rid of it and after telling me what was happenning (homepage getting hi-jacked) I went on from there. I may find out today, I told him to try one of the free scans to find out the name of the hijacker then try and find a removal tool for that particular bug on the net.

  Seadog 10:03 23 Dec 2004

Thanks for that - will pass it on.

  VCR97 19:14 23 Dec 2004

Try StartPageGuard from click here

  VCR97 19:24 23 Dec 2004

Sorry. You wanted a removal tool. I do't think that SPG will do that but it will prevent re-hijacking.

  fredski 20:50 23 Dec 2004

Seadog try Spy Sweeper 3.0 it will find what ever hijacker is on your system. It also warns if anything tries to change your brouser settings. Go to click here to download.

It's also worth registering this apps.

  GaT7 21:34 23 Dec 2004

Spy Sweeper is definitely worth a try & at times finds more scum than Adaware & Spybot. Plus the trial version is fully-functional. G

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