Free software for preventing downloads etc

  Rhuddlan 23:25 10 Feb 2005

A friend of mine has her kids downloading music, movies and copying pics off the net 24/7, she has just re formatted and already half of the hard disk space is taken up by all this c**p. So does anyone know of a free decent program that can prevent downloades, software installations etc, her kids are limited users on xp, and she is the only admin, but they can still download and install stuff. Even if they can download things, is there a program that password protects files that have been downloaded. Please can anyone help, my friend is at her witts end. She has win xp home sp2. Thanks for any help in advance.

  keith-236785 23:42 10 Feb 2005

not sure if cybersitter or netnanny might be what you are looking for.

they are NOT free but do have a trial version which runs for i think 30 days. might just shock the kids into behaving if they think they are gonna lose access.

other thing to do is to stop access to the internet on the kids accounts. create a new user with internet access but dont reveal the password, log on for them and log off when you go to bed or whenever you think they have been on enough. copy and paste the downloads, let them then login to their own accounts and play the music etc.

not ideal i know but i think you are pretty limited on a XP Home version.

others on the forum will know better than me on this one.

good luck

  Belatucadrus 23:48 10 Feb 2005

But here are a few freebies that may be worth experimenting with,

click here

click here

click here

click here

  toni b 23:50 10 Feb 2005

Look in the internet history see what sites the kids are using then add them to "block sites" in ie and then put a password on them .To do this click on tools ..internet on security tab .....and click on restricted sites and block the sites that are in the history pages which the kids are using ..delete history and on a regular basis check history so see if they have found any other sites.I done something similar when online gambling was an issue in our house.

  Rhuddlan 23:56 10 Feb 2005

Hi Toni B, will suggest that to my friend only thing is she is more worried about Win MX, she wants them to stop downloading music off that, she has uninstalled it, but they have reinstalled it, kids eh!

  Pesala 10:24 11 Feb 2005

Try a slipper first, if that doesn't work, try a leather belt. (>_<)

If you don't approve of corporal punishment, try using a BIOS password, or put a lock on the door to where the PC is kept. (~_~)

Why should your friend have to install special software to protect *her* PC from her kids? It is very simple, if they download a stuff without her permission, they don't use the PC.

What is the world coming to that parents are afraid to lay down clear rules for their kids to abide by?

  ACOLYTE 10:56 11 Feb 2005

Dissabling downloading in the IE security list will stop downloads,but it will do it globaly IE every download not just music and stuff,but you can always alter it back before you need to dload anthing usefull.

  Wak 11:27 11 Feb 2005

I may be an old Fuddy-Duddy but I agree with Pesala.
Since some do-gooders stopped the corporal punishment in schools in the 1960s the kids have no reason to respect anyone or anything these days. The original "freedom from the cane" kids are now the parents of today who complain that their children are out of control.
Is there any wonder???

  TomJerry 11:28 11 Feb 2005

kids are more clue up than you think. Anything you put it in withouth their agreement, they can get around and cause a lot of argument.

So treat them equally and set down rule for them to follow.

  jbaker65 12:01 11 Feb 2005

Take the lead from the Modem away and lock it up so they can't connect to the internet except under supervision.

  keith-236785 09:16 13 Feb 2005

dont know if you are sorted yet but

Micromart magazine (this weeks) has a security cover disk which includes a p2p blocker. i have installed it and it stops winmx from loading unless you enter the correct password.

it works, however it is Shareware and not free but it is free to try. maybe if you find it works it would be worth paying for.

the prog is called blockster

click here

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