free software advice. can i get all my most used stuff free/opensource

  steveuk72 14:39 29 Dec 2011

Hi there, I would like to know if theres any totally free / open source software thats updated and looked after as I think I will be building a new pc soon with a new hd and I am sick of p2p cracked software(yeah its naughty but I am on a virtally non exsistant income+food is a priority) the programs I want to replace are winrar x64 compat, I am not sure on web browsers currently using firefox but whats the best these days for compatibility, also I want an office program (currently running office07- and must be office compat to send my cv to employers)and email client that opens emails and checks like outlook for all my email accounts and one that dosnt want me to faff about with loggin details everytime I check my mail which is several times a day,I was reccomended paint net for photo editinig is this a good choice, also a burning prg for isos like nero would be handy,os system if fine I have the proper win7 x64 and use ms security essentials with comodo firewall, will be buying nortons 2012 internet sutie nxt week because I only like nortons.

many thanx :)

  rdave13 14:58 29 Dec 2011
  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:59 29 Dec 2011

open office compatible with ms office files

7 zip

Picasa photo editor


nothing wrong with Firefox

  smokingbeagle 15:58 29 Dec 2011

I use the paid-for version of eM Client. The free version allows only two email accounts. You could also consider Zimbra Desktop and Koma. (Both freeware)

You may like Kingsoft as an alternative to Office if Libreoffice doesn't suit.

If you want to send your CV in PDF format, then none better than the excellent freeware Bullzip

  steveuk72 17:55 29 Dec 2011

ok so far I have tried the 7 zip x64 that does what i wanted it to do :) so thanx for that, now i'm a little confused on the choice of libreoffice and kingsoft free, i have never thought about emailing cv's as pdfs before i have only saved as the default ms office file and attatched to email but maybe it would be better as pdf ??

so if anyone has used the 2 suites to help me make the correct choice between thanx thatt would be great. (i never use spreadsheets or databases btw)

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