free sms on the internet

  vienna1981 22:11 24 Jan 2004

hi, can anyone recommend any sites that offer free sms (except for lycos, boltblue, CBF, virginstudent and TX1)? a lot of the sites i use have reduced the amount of texts you can send from 10 per day to 20 per month and so i would like to add a few more sites to my favourites for when these run out! Thanks in advance :]

  AubreyS 22:16 24 Jan 2004
  whatsupdoc 22:38 24 Jan 2004

i use o2 all the time. its my favourite. 30 a month isnt much but i only use it because im too idle to go and fetch my cellphone from my jacket downstairs

  kangawallafox 22:50 24 Jan 2004

I haven't used ICQ for a while, but you used to be able to send free sms's through it....

  vienna1981 10:05 25 Jan 2004

can you use the free sms on O2 even if you arent using an O2 mobile phone?

  vienna1981 10:07 25 Jan 2004

do i have to download ICQ for the free sms?

  AubreyS 10:18 25 Jan 2004

To use O2 you have to register a mobile number.

  Jonathan314159 10:25 25 Jan 2004

Tiscali allows 5 a day, you just need to register with them and occasionally use the dial up to keep it active.

  kangawallafox 20:47 25 Jan 2004

As far as I remember there is a web based version of ICQ.... but I think you still need the downloaded version for sending sms's

  john-232317 21:47 25 Jan 2004

Every time i have tried to use any of them, after all the performance of try to send it, all i get is not available try again later.

  whatsupdoc 14:07 26 Jan 2004

o2 just asks for a mobile number and then i think you have to return the message to activate the account. they sometimes send special offer messages, but not too often but you don't need to be on o2 . i think that icq have stopped giving free sms because i tried last night and all i got for hours was try again

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