free sky films using eternet cable ???

  acein1 21:04 22 Dec 2010

hi, "i am not a sky user".
a friend paying approx £80 month to sky,wants to know if he can connect his "laptop" to the sky box using an eternet cable to download/recieve houndreds of films etc using this method,any advice would be realy appreciated,(appart from telling him he is mad for paying this ammount to sky )
by the way for this he only gets "2gb" download a month many thanks for any suggestions

  peter99co 21:41 22 Dec 2010

Quart in a pint pot?

  MAT ALAN 21:53 22 Dec 2010

What size is a typical movie download?

The file size of movie downloads vary a lot based on the runtime of the movie and the bitrate used when encoding it. You should expect a typical DivX or XviD movie to be around 600MB-700MB in size. If a movie is longer than 2 hours it might need even more space to ensure that the quality is acceptable.

download/recieve houndreds of films etc using this method

With a 2 gig download limit, make that (1 and a bit movies..

  Forum Editor 23:18 22 Dec 2010

from Speakers Corner.

  [email protected] 01:16 23 Dec 2010

You don't connect your computer to the Sky box - it just requires a normal internet connection. Then you can use Sky's software to watch certain programs click here.

As has been said already, a 2GB download limit will not last very long at all when it comes to downloading movies, so if he is going to do this then it would be highly recommended to upgrade his internet deal to a one where he has a higher limit (I'd say 15GB MINIMUM, preferably more).

  peugeot man 07:40 23 Dec 2010

Sounds like He / She may be trying to "copy" films to laptop. If this is the case the answer is no this is not possible.

  tullie 08:32 23 Dec 2010

I believe there is a connection on the back of the sky box,but its not active,and i believe for possible future use.As for copying over to a pc,the answer is therefor no.

  acein1 12:50 23 Dec 2010

thank you all for your help

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