free registry mechanic 6 - invalid code

  sunny staines 13:21 08 Jan 2008

I have the free one year trial on a couple of computers. But one of them has lost its file showing it is registered and as a result will not fix errors. I have tried re entering the licence details but it comes up invalid code enter the correct code. I have deleted and reinstalled, also installed microsoft script and vb files as advised on pctools help web but to no use even redownloaded and installed again. This programme did register orignally ok and worked well till it lost its record of registration. all other pc's with the free version continue to work ok.
Any ideas anyone please.

  cocteau48 14:34 08 Jan 2008

As the original offer had an expiry date of 20 Dec 2007 that may be why it will not allow you to reinstall.
However as the offer was made with the full backing and in conjunction with PC Tools I can see no reason why they should not be able to sort you out if you drop them an email.

  sunny staines 14:48 08 Jan 2008

email has been sent, the progame for reason unknown just unregistered itself and cannot get it to accept the key. i put on someones computer last week and it was ok.

  cocteau48 14:54 08 Jan 2008

Just a thought: was it anything related to this
click here

  sunny staines 16:06 08 Jan 2008

c.48 thanks for the link, the relevant pc in question does not have A2 Squared. the other spyware and utilities it has are all on the other pc's as wll without problems [eg sybot sd,nis2008,awc2,& eusing]

  sunny staines 17:16 08 Jan 2008

I don't think PCTOOLS Support reads emails, I just get automated reply referring me to their support site which I checked prior to contacting them and said so on the email.

I used the link & key from computer active has anyone got the key or link from pc answers mag i could try that key it was in the mag just before xmas.

  cocteau48 17:31 08 Jan 2008

Have you been here
click here
it may of course be time limited to coincide with the offer

  sunny staines 17:48 08 Jan 2008

tried it again it sends the standard key to all computer active offers. I was hoping to try the pcanswers one to see if that helps.

  jolorna 20:51 08 Jan 2008

got the key ok from pctools & downloaded free programe from computer active just now and everything ok

  sunny staines 20:59 08 Jan 2008

thanks for that info, must be down to this laptop. but cannot work out what de registered it and is preventing the key from being recognised. even downloaded again so that no files are corrupt or missing.

unfortuatley PCTOOLS support has been poor.

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