Free Registry Cleaner?

  1936 17:27 28 Feb 2007

I have just tried to find the two Free Registry Cleaners that jack Schofield of the Guardian wrote about with no success.
I then down loaded what claimed to be FREE Registry Cleaners one of which found over 4000 problems. When I pressed the FIX button both asked me for money.
I have no problem with paying but I do have a problem with web sites that are totally dishonest in their advertisments.
Does anyone know of a genuinely free Registry Cleaner and if not of one that cahrges?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:31 28 Feb 2007

Registry cleaner :-
RegscrubXP click here
Regseeker click here
TweakNow RegCleaner 1.3.2 click here
Easycleaner click here ( Use with care, It advises you to back up the registry first, this is a good idea as it cleans rather aggressively. )

My personal recommendation is RegscrubXP

  Belatucadrus 17:32 28 Feb 2007

What are the two free ones you had no success with ?

  1936 19:38 28 Feb 2007

The two that I mentioned to were,RegClean 4.1a or as Schofield referrd to, "Microsoft's RegClean 4.1a but when I eventually found it under the following Web Page click here which is a CNET Web Page it received a poor write up and also mentioned Windows 95 which made me wonder if it worked for XP. The next was Jouni Vuorio's superior RegClean 4.1A (click here."

I tried,"RegscrubXP" and finished up with "RegCure" which found 683 errors and then asked me $29.95 to sort them out and the same happend with Regseeker so I gave up.

I then found the following from Schofield when I keyed in, “microsoft RegClean 4.1 a schofield”
Backchat: My apologies: last week I referred to "Jouni Vuorio's superior RegCleaner" as a free program, but it has been superseded by a paid-for version. You can still download RegCleaner, the "last freeware version," from A+ Freeware. However, it doesn't run correctly under a fully updated version of Windows XP SP2. Here, if I install it then double-click the RegCleanr.exe file in Windows Explorer, the program does not show up. If I open Windows Task Manager and close down its (running) process, then double-click the file again, it does.
When John Collier could not find the free version on Vuorio's site, he says: "I bought a copy of RegSupreme 1.3 for £7.37. It is very effective and good value: one licence covers all the computers in our house." David Williams reports that after "a long discussion on Community Feedback, the general verdict is to use RegScrubXP, which is freeware from Lexun. I have used it for six months without problems." Sadly, the author has shut down the Lexun Designs site (click here) for personal reasons, so it's now abandonware.
The blog continues with lots of complaints about duff so called Regcleaners so its worth a visit but the question still remains, does a free one exist?

  terryf 20:28 28 Feb 2007

They may exist but my personal experience of registry cleaners is that I now won't use them, others swear by them but IMO the more you tinker the worse things get. If you feel you want to use one, first get something like Acronis TI and make a back up image of your current working state, then use the chosen reg cleaner and if it all goes to rats, you can restore back to where you were. Don't rely on system restore to do this.

  Terry Brown 20:43 28 Feb 2007

I agree with Fruit Bat /\0/\, RegscrubXP is the one I use, I was very cautious at first , but having it on my system now for a few months , I have had no problems; However as a safeguard always back up your registry first, before making any changes.

  acein1 21:29 28 Feb 2007

try this its free and very good in my opinion

click here

  Input Overload 21:37 28 Feb 2007
  1936 21:46 28 Feb 2007

Having read what you all have to say has made me very wary. Acronis TI and a back up image of your current working state makes sense especially where you say "Don't rely on system restore."
Eusing Free Registry Cleaner 1.25 looked good untill I read, "You will be able to restore any changes made using the software by choosing Restore registry backup."
There is a lot more thinking to do before I make a move.

  Strawballs 22:10 28 Feb 2007

click here this is the best one that I have tried and have been using it for a couple of years now never given me any problems.

  pac73 22:38 28 Feb 2007

Registry Mechanic 5 is a great program.You can get it free from

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