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  NSBT 03:25 06 Nov 2007

My homepage Google became hijacked with a Trojan, which I’ve now cleared off, however, even though I have antispyware / malware programmes installed, I’m concerned about picking up another bug.

Are there any free programmes that offer real time protection?

I’m running XP, and currently have AVG antispyware, and spywareblaster installed.

Thanks in advance

  [email protected] 03:35 06 Nov 2007

spyware terminator
click here

  NSBT 04:12 06 Nov 2007

Hi *Raven*

Thanks for the link, can I ask as I find all these programmes confusing, if I download that site do I also require AVG, Superantispyware etc, etc.

Also, does that site with the link work the same as my paid for security suite i.e. the updates are done automatically, or do I have to do a manual update.

  [email protected] 04:28 06 Nov 2007

You will get varying advice on how many programs etc.
Check individual programs to see if they have the auto update,usually the paid for ones have that functionality.
All i have is AVG antispyware and spywareblaster,if i felt ive picked up something i would try superantispyware.
Quite alot of members use the spyware terminator app and speak highly of it.
I tend to fall into the minimalist approach the above two and no firewall.
Practice safe surfing is the best advice i can personally give.
Use a image back up program like acronis to clone
your drive when its clean,when/if you get a stubborn pest,restore your image,this is more likely quicker than an individual scan.
There are lots of members who have the full armory of apps and swear by them so this is just a personal opinion.Remember the more you have the more you need to update and scan.

  NSBT 05:16 06 Nov 2007

Hi *Raven*

Thanks for that, no offence I'll wait and see what the regular members have to say.

As for your comment: Use a image back up program like acronis to clone.

So this thread remains on topic, I've created a new thread.

  [email protected] 05:24 06 Nov 2007

No offence taken at all:-)

  Technotiger 07:44 06 Nov 2007

Can't get much more 'regular' than *Raven*

I too follow a bit of a minimalistic approach. I use AVG Anti-virus (note you must only have One anti-virus, otherwise they clash), Ad-Aware, Tune-up Utilities (which includes a good Registry cleaner), Diskeeper (which keeps my hard drives fully de-fragmented) and Sunbelt Pers Firewall.
Plus, always keep them up-to-date, especially your anti-virus program - on a daily basis!

One other, but very important defence, is of course your own common sense - like not opening or trying to answer any unknown emails (especially with email attachments) or programs that just appear on your desktop. If in doubt, always check with the members here!

I have not had any security problems over about the last six years.

  Totally-braindead 08:07 06 Nov 2007

I'm a bit minimalist too, as Technotiger says a bit of common sense is your greatest tool for preventing problems with spyware and viruses.
Do you need the other anti spyware programs you ask if you use Spyware Terminator. To me the answer is yes, well to keeping one of them anyway.
No program is 100% hence the advice to use 2 so that hopefully one will catch the things the other misses. Want to be a bit more safe then keep 2 on top of Spyware Terminator.

Personally I have AVG free antivirus, Zone Alarm free firewall. Superantispyware and AdAware and I haven't had a problem in, well I'm not sure how long but it must be a few years at least, maybe 4 or 5 years.

  anskyber 08:10 06 Nov 2007

*Raven* and Technotiger have about summed it up really although there are others who use a whole battery of programs. My own approach is fairly minimalist. I tend to run scanners about once a month.

Like Techno I have been free, so far, of bugs and I agree with him that much depends on how you surf.

Unlike *Raven*, whose opinions I have great respect for, I do run a firewall, it's the free PC Tools version which works with Vista.

  anskyber 08:14 06 Nov 2007

As a PS, there is a debate about software firewalls, particularly if you have a router with a hardware firewall built in.

My thoughts have been influenced by things like this short article. click here

  davidprc 13:06 06 Nov 2007

Get GeSWall and set it to quiet running. This will stop and track any nasties. You do not say what AV you are running but you could look at that as well, for example Avira free does a good job at blocking trojans.

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