Free pool/snooker games for the kids

  Bally 2k4 15:29 13 Mar 2004

My kids want a pool table but as there is no spae to put one i thiought why now give them a game to play with online until we move house, any suggestions?

Regards Bally

  MichelleC 15:59 13 Mar 2004

If you join Yahoo you have a choice of loads of free games, including pool and snooker.

  ardvarc 16:03 13 Mar 2004

Try playing this. It keeps my young grandkids happy for hours. Quick Snooker. Click on 'Players' and then Player 1 v Computer or the bottom one - player against player.

click here

  BIG ben strikes 10 16:11 13 Mar 2004

click here
click here <<dont go here if you dont have a pop-up blocker it has rude pop-ups
not the first one though,i think your chidren might enjoy the first one,they have loads of arcade games,pool.snooker,tennis,racing games.hope this is anyhelp?

  keith-236785 16:33 13 Mar 2004

as ardvarc's link.

you can also play online for a short trial. unreg version gives short snooker (10 reds)

registered version gives full snooker (15 reds).
registration is about £17 per year BUT i registered in August 2002 and i have not had to pay again (yet)

good program and easy to use (mouse controls) + keyboard cursor keys for fine tuning if needed

just be aware that although the program controllers try to monitor the online play (chat section) things can sometimes get a little naughty. rude offenders are eventually banned but that wont stop your kids seeing it. If that is of concern, dont go for internet play, stick to 1 player V computer or two player games.

  Bally 2k4 16:35 13 Mar 2004

Thanks everyone, the quicksnoioker link given by ardvarc was the one the kids were most thrilled with.

  hugh-265156 17:19 13 Mar 2004

high stakes pool click here (bottom right) is quite good.

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