Free Pint 2 any1 who solves my 4 year old problem!

  babybell 13:08 21 Aug 2004

Thats right, a free drink if you solve my problem & another drink if u manage to start ur responce with "this is a common problem and easily solved. Here we go, I have a Daewoo PC, approx 4 years old, 250mhz with 32mb ram 8 speed CD rom. For as long as i can remember ive been having problems with installing programs from CD, it just keeps crashing. I upgraded to a 40 speed CD rom and the same problem kept occuring, was told that 32mb ram was the problem, so i have now got 512mb ram. Tried installing Dance Ejay 6, still keeps crashing. Was then told overheating was the problem, bought a 2nd fan, went 2 install it and noticed there was already a 2nd fan, but it wasn't going round, Light at the end of the tunnel perhaps, found the attached cable, wasnt plugged in, plugged it in and fan worked, tried installing game again, crashed again. Then smashed head v. hard on wall and vowed revenge against the world! CD still spins around when the screen has frozen and it crashes in randon places, 70% complete, 40%, 3%, no random pattern. Please help b4 my dear PC is thrown from my window!

  MichelleC 13:22 21 Aug 2004

I use EndItAll to close all b/g progs when installing or working with dv click here

  ensonricky 13:23 21 Aug 2004

Basically your system isn't up to it. You don't say what graphics card you have or if it's onboard but your processor at 250MHZ does not meet the requirements of the software you are trying to load. click here

  babybell 13:28 21 Aug 2004

In response to Michelle, there is no programme to download on that site

  babybell 13:29 21 Aug 2004

ensonricky, even so, my pc has always crashed when installing from CD, thats the bigger picture. How hard is it to upgrade processor?

  hugh-265156 13:30 21 Aug 2004

faulty ide cable maybe?

  spanneress 13:35 21 Aug 2004

Not as simple as upgrading the processor chip..your motherboard will have to be upgraded also..too old to accept a modern chip.

Recommend new motherboard & chip...perhaps a barebones system..have a look click here and click here. Depends what you actually want to be ablt to *do* once your system is bahving properly...this is what the determining factor should be when considering upgrades.


  babybell 13:36 21 Aug 2004

Whats an ide cable, where is it located and how much 2 replace?

  Stuartli 13:40 21 Aug 2004

This is a common problem and easily solved.

Just offer a lot more than a mere pint...:-))

  Djohn 13:40 21 Aug 2004

Your specification is well below that required for the program which states Pentium 3 450 MHz or higher. Remember these are the minimum requirements and in the real world you generally find you need more than stated.

When you was using the original 8 speed drive it may have been freezing on loading because as you say one of the fans was not working. If you had fixed the fan then programs would probably have loaded at that speed. But even with the fan now working, using a 40 speed drive and the programs you mention will cause the system to fall over.

  hugh-265156 13:40 21 Aug 2004

its the ribbon cable between the motherboard and the cd drive. they are not expensive to replace.

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