free pc analytical software?????

  lofty29 09:44 27 Nov 2008

On my Old PC I had a free software programme which analysed the pc hardware, and peformance. it checked what the various compenents were, listed them and gave any ratings. When the motherboard failed I had to do a rebiuld and lost that particular piece of s/w and cannot remember the name anyone any suggestions please, also everytime I leave the pc off overnight I have to reset the date and time, is this an indication of the cmos battery on its way out many thanks Lofty

  Technotiger 09:48 27 Nov 2008
  Technotiger 09:49 27 Nov 2008

PS - yes, sounds as if your battery needs replacing.

  Stuartli 11:09 27 Nov 2008

It does appear that your CMOS battery is on the way out - the most common size is the CR2032 (I think that's the right number from memory).

As for analysing your system, try the excellent click here

  lofty29 12:33 27 Nov 2008

Thanks Guys have downloaded the third one that technotiger suggested seems ok, also have ordered a new cmos battery, only one year old so should have lasted longer than that. Non of the ones that have been suggested ring a bell, and the old s/w was really good, may not be available any more, will tick as resolved

  MAJ 12:46 27 Nov 2008

The older one was probably "Sisoft Sandra", haven't used it in years though, it's not free anymore. click here

  Fred05 14:46 27 Nov 2008

I knew if i checked everyday something usefully would be posted.
I thank you, but i do have question about this PC-2008 software.
If there is something wrong does it highlight with bells and whistles - or highlight in RED?
To me my system is running fine but 2000 rpm correct for the fan?

  oldbeefer2 14:53 27 Nov 2008

Could it have been Belarc?

  shellship 15:15 27 Nov 2008

Belarc is super at listing all your hardware and software but it does not rate anything as Lofty seems to want.

  Stuartli 16:19 27 Nov 2008

Try SIW from:

click here

The freeware (Lite) version of SiSoft Sandra IS still available and the latest version can be found at:

click here

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