Free or cheap paint packages

  TheTerminator 18:15 12 May 2003

I am an ICT teacher in school, and we need to get some free/cheap paint shop pro esque programs to allow pupils to edit pics etc, but which are cheap/free!
hence my dilemma. can anyone help me out please?

We don't need anything fancy just a few notches better than paint etc...

  Djohn 18:21 12 May 2003

Click on the yellow envelope next to my name and send me your address. If you wish, I have a full copy, (leagal) paintshop pro 5), surplus to requirments. I will pop it in the post to you. J.

  JFT 18:25 12 May 2003

I dont know if this will help but Argos is currently selling paint shop pro for 40 odd quid , i dont know if this cheap enough but its about the best price i have seen for it. Or you could keep an eye out for freebies with magazines as i have seen paint shop 5,Serif draw 4 and a couple of others lately free with certain mags.

  TheTerminator 18:27 12 May 2003

Many thanks for your kind offer!
The only problems with PSP 5 etc is the problems of legal issues on installing them all on loads of computers as you can imagine! If you know whether it is legal or not, please tell me.

  billyliv 18:28 12 May 2003

Hi, There are hundreds of free paint progs. Mostly on computer magazine cover discs. These are outdated progs that are no longer re-sellable but they are still fully functional. One to give a try is Ofotonow. just type it into your search engine and download it. Cheers, Bill

  Podsville 18:38 12 May 2003

I downloaded a free superb paint prog. called Dogwaffle! strange name I know but it is a great free paint package. Will see if I can find the web site address and post back later.

  -pops- 18:50 12 May 2003

Ask the PSP agents (Digital Workshop) click here

Tell them the situation and they may well give you a version of the program to use with all permissions and licenses. OK, it may not be version 8 but I'm sure it will be perfect for your needs and it will give the supplier some kudos for doing you a favour. Some software companies do this as a norm.


  Djohn 18:51 12 May 2003

Not sure about multi use, but think it is ok, version 5 is now available free and has been on the front cover of some Mags.

I am under the impression that it will be ok to install on more than one PC as no registration is required. Maybe someone else can help regarding this? J.

  TheTerminator 18:55 12 May 2003

Your comments have been superb and really encouraging... If you have any more comments then keep them coming..

  Djohn 19:05 12 May 2003

I'll pop it in the post in the morning.

I feel sure it will be fine for multi use, as I mentioned in my post above, it is now being given away free.

It's still an excellent program though, the only reason I'm not using it, is when I received my new scanner it came with "Photo shop elements". J.

  Belatucadrus 19:36 12 May 2003

Here are some freebies you may want a look at :-

The Gimp click here

Photoplus 5 click here

Pixia click here

Dogwaffle click here

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