Free Operating System. Best One?

  Flopper 18:18 20 Jul 2007

As an experiment I am considering running my Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop on totally free software. I know I can get office suites, etc but I am unsure as to which of the OS's are best.
I seem to remember on called Fedora and there are others but has anybody got any experience or any knowledge of any they can share with us, both good and bad?

  octal 18:24 20 Jul 2007

I used to use Xandros which is a commercial Linux system. That changed when they signed a deal with Microsoft. I now use PCLinuxOS2007 it is free, if you want to contribute you can do, $20 buys you access to their premium site where the latest updated programs are.

click here

  octal 18:28 20 Jul 2007

Oh, I should add the CD is a live CD so that you can test the system out, if you like it then you can load it from the live CD.

I have tried a few including Ubuntu, but find PCLinuxOS by far the best, for me anyway.

  Flopper 20:12 20 Jul 2007

Thank you octal.

I have downloaded PCLinuxos2007 and I could do with some advice on what to do next. I tried to buy a CD online but everytime I pressed 'Add To Basket' the next page said 'your basket is empty' so I downloaded it from the torrent link provided.
Do I simply copy the files to a CD and boot from the CD? Will the CD be bootable simply by copying the files?
if I already have an OS on my laptop (XP Pro) do I leave that untouched? Will it affect XP?

  Terry Brown 20:15 20 Jul 2007

If you are loading a different operating system on your laptop I would strongly suggest you use a different drive or partition to prevent clashes.

  woodchip 20:18 20 Jul 2007

Before you try loading anything try one of these, you do not need to load on to comp just put the CD in after creating a Live CD it works from the CD and your Ram click here

Software is on most of the Live CD's for Office etc

  octal 20:30 20 Jul 2007

Hi again,

When you download the file it downloads as an ISO file, it's like a sort of ZIP file, when you burn it to a CD it makes a bootable image of the operating system on the disk. If you use Nero that will burn the image for you. This site will show you how to burn the image to CD click here

Once you've burnt the image to the CD put the CD back in the draw then re-boot the computer, you will have to make sure the CD drive is the first one to boot in the BIOS. When the computer boots it will read the CD and will start to load the files into RAM, IT WIIL NOT TOUCH THE HARD DRIVE AT ALL AT THIS STAGE, so your XP will be safe.

Once loaded, have a play with it to make sure it reads all your hardware OK, that's the nice thing about a live CD it will test everything for you. Give it a try for a while first to see if you like it, if you feel you do then you can load it onto the Hard drive. It will find your XP and it will ask how much room you want to allocate for it.

Have a look at the forum on the link I gave you, they are a very helpful bunch on there and above all patient and it will give you a lot more instructions about loading it. By the way you can "dual boot" so when you start you can either choose XP or PCLinuxOS.

  Flopper 08:02 24 Jul 2007

I have downloaded PCLinuxOS 2007 and I will test it in due course.

Thank You

  Miros 09:01 24 Jul 2007

For reference.

  martjc 10:58 24 Jul 2007

...Ubuntu Linux is the one for me. Double boots well with Windows - has lots of device drivers - is the only one that's worked without flaws for me but use a separate partition. click here
Oh, you can get free disks, both live and install delivered free!

  kjrider 14:51 24 Jul 2007

I have tried Ubuntu but I think that Mepis is better. It gives you weather from your nearest airport, has a lovely Penguin Skiing game as well as all the usual feature of an Office suite, net browser, etc.

For a 64 bit OS, try Kanotix. Can laod as a 'live' CD before instalation. Also it found and worked my webcam, which Win XP 64 bit OS couldn't do.

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