Free Office 2007 on dvd

  chriscross72 22:11 09 Jul 2006

I have a couple of questions regarding the free beta copy of office 2007 on the dvd version of this months pc advisor.
can i install this on my pc without affecting my current office 2000 installation ?
if i do not like the 2007 version can i uninstall it and go back to office 2000 without any problems ?
will running this programme adversely affect my pc in any way ?
what happens in february if i install this programme ?

Thank you ; ))

  chriscross72 22:13 09 Jul 2006

my pc is running windows xp home with 512 mb ram 230gb hdd and pentium3 3.06 gh processor

  Jimmy14 22:23 09 Jul 2006

1. There is an option when installing Office 2007 beta 2 to install it seperate from your current version of office or overwrite it so yes to that one.

2.You can uninstall it and go back to Office 2000 whenever you wish but alot of people have trouble uninstalling it including me.

3. I don't think it affects your computer different from any other program.

4. Nothing happens in February, keep the beta version as long as you want but I'm sure you will get fed up with it after a while.


  bluto1 22:27 09 Jul 2006

Please excuse this "hijack".
Jimmy14 please tell us how you uninstalled it.

  Simsy 22:48 09 Jul 2006

I found that once it was installed, even as a seperate installation, it took over all my office files.

The only way to open office file using the old vesion was to open the old version of the programme and navigate to the document from the File>Open dialogue.

The way I "uninstalled" it was to make an image of my drive immediately before installing, and then restoring this image when I decided I didn't want it.

I understand that you can now try Office 2007 WITHOUT actually installing it... it's available to use online.



  chriscross72 22:50 09 Jul 2006

so basically pc advisor has put on it's cover disc something that will be a pain in the a** to get rid of if i don't like it ???
that's nice of them !!

  jarani 22:58 09 Jul 2006

please beware - i had great difficulty with uninstalling it and stil have no office 2000 i had on my computer previously - no help from ms -i uninstalled it eventually by resetting to an earlier preinstallation date - but no office 2000 - jarani

  Jimmy14 23:01 09 Jul 2006

Tryed uninstalling the normal way through Add/Remove Programs but didn't work. Kept getting same error code and when I looked it up it was saying it might need the directory from where it was stored or insert a cd which I never had because I downloaded it straight from Microsoft's website. I removed all of the contents of office 12 from my hdd then manually deleted it from my Registry with online help from another forum that someone had a similair problem with then I downloaded a microsoft tool called "Windows Install Cleanup" which I removed Office 12 from.
After using the search feature on Xp there is now no sign of Office 12 which I am glad of and never will I be using beta versions of ANY SOFTWARE again. Another big hassle was WMP 11 Beta. I'm not even going there.


  chriscross72 23:04 09 Jul 2006

so why has pc advisor put something like this on their cover disc.....bearing in mind that many pc users are relative novices when dealing with uninstall issues.....most foods these days come with some sort of warning as to their content and the harm they could do to why not some sort of warning as to the nuisance that installing this glossy looking programme could cause you ??

  Simsy 23:08 09 Jul 2006

the online version I mentioned in my previous thread a few minutes ago.

It's good to let you get the feel of it...

But you can't open any of your own documents with it... only the online versions of documents.

You can create new documents with it, but you can't save them to your own hard drive... at least as far as I could tell... but I didn't try too hard!



  chriscross72 23:11 09 Jul 2006

so it's a waste of time hard drive space and clock cycles ???
i'll stick to looking at google earth i think !!

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