Free Memory Testers

  The Paul 19:29 25 Jan 2004

Having spent weeks (with much help from you good folks)I have concluded that the most likely reason for my constant crashes is memory based.

Chegs kindly gave me a link to a freeware prog to test my memory but it wont open.

Do any of you folks know of any other (EEGIT PROOF) testers that I can use to test my memeory sticks.

  ianeon 19:33 25 Jan 2004

Try the benchmarking in Aida32 as a starter

  powerless 19:37 25 Jan 2004
  The Paul 19:49 25 Jan 2004

I'm looking at the Aida32 and the MS site.

Powerless - the MemTest86 came with one of the disc on the PCA mag - but it wont run.

Thanks for the info.

  The Paul 21:13 25 Jan 2004

I used the MS Windows Memory Diagnostic tool and my memory failed - badly. At least now I know and can do something about it.

Cheers folks. - Paul

  Chegs ® 21:15 25 Jan 2004

The file you got is an ISO image,it needs burnt to disc.Either that or its in zip format,if you haven't got winzip,then it should unzip via "extract" in XP(its a while since I used xp's unzip util)

  Chegs ® 21:16 25 Jan 2004

In xp just right click and send to compressed folder.

  The Paul 23:22 26 Jan 2004

Sorry mate - I tried to do this but I managed to get it wrong. Say no more.

Been off line since yesterday as the system has completely gone AWOL. The MS device showed a complete failure of the memory system - yet when I brought it to the bloke that built it - guess what he said. Keep your fingers crossed for me - and thanks for your help.


  david.h 13:11 27 Jan 2004

I was under the impression that these memory programs make no difference to XP as it takes care of this itself when it reboots and has good memory management anyway

  Chegs ® 13:23 27 Jan 2004

XP has good memory management,your right there.The progs discussed here are to do with TESTING the memory,not managing it.

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