Free Laptop with Orange

  birdface 12:33 21 Jul 2007

click here I don't know if it has been posted before,But looks like a good deal if you are thinking of changing your Internet provider.

  Technotiger 12:34 21 Jul 2007

AOL are also offering a free laptop for same reason.

  birdface 12:37 21 Jul 2007

Hi thanks for the info.If I had a BT phone line I would probably change,Not to happy with Virgin at the moment.

  Technotiger 12:40 21 Jul 2007

AOL's free lappie is a much higher spec. If I remember correctly 80Gb harddrive, 1Gb RAM.

  Totally-braindead 12:42 21 Jul 2007

Funny seeing this link, I was just looking at the offer in another window as a mate of mine was on about it.
Anyone know about the Ei systems? Are they a division of Emachines? I'm thinking Philips for some reason.

  Technotiger 12:52 21 Jul 2007

I can't remember details, but I read it in the Sun newspaper - I don't have the paper now.

  Technotiger 12:55 21 Jul 2007

The only (very limited) support for EiSystem in the UK is click here.

  Batch 13:35 21 Jul 2007

WIth both of the offers you can upgrade (for a fee) to a higher spec. machine.

In the case of the Orange offer, there is a range of laptops available, with typical 'savings' of £300 - £350.

Orange BB is £14.99 per month, AOL is £19.99 per month. One thing I read suggested that the Orange offer can be combined with their 1/2 price braodband for the 1st 3 months (i.e. £7.49 for 3 months).

Both are 24 month contracts.

  Border View 14:00 21 Jul 2007

I've seen the advert for a Fujitu Seeman laptop for £149 when you sign up with Orange at curry's. But I just wondered was that the laptop which the case kept cracking. Sure I've seen something like that in Consumerwatch Room a while ago?

  birdface 09:14 22 Jul 2007

Hi,Up-date to the free laptop.What you actually get is a £300 voucher,And you can choose any laptop that you want. But you have to pay the difference in price.

  birdface 17:15 22 Jul 2007

AOL with same sort of here

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