Free to a Good Home!!

  Scouse 16:46 02 Feb 2003

As some of the users will remember, just before Xmas I posted threads of this nature and recieved a great response.

Now I am in a position to do this again so here goes.

Gue to a high demand of storage space (the other half has gone music and video crazy) my internal Zip 100MB + 1 disk will become obsolete towards the end of this month. click here

Users who would benefit from this item please feel free to post your interest. I will provide P&P within the UK.

P.S. Lastchip, your Soundcard is on its way soon. If you have no longer any need for this card please say so A.S.A.P.


  Scouse 17:07 02 Feb 2003


  cream. 18:08 02 Feb 2003

Hi Scouse.

Poor response?

I would of thought some would have snapped your hand off.

OK I do the odd computer for charity. If the drive is surplus to requirements then I would be interested. If you required a minimal payment or reimbursed for P+P let me know.

If not then we are doing a special walk for "wishing on a star" charity for autistic children. I will personally donated £10 in your name. i.e.

Mr. Scouse £10.

I fixed a computer last week and as usual refused any payment. So, said happy chappy has sponsored £20 to the walk.

  jimv7 18:26 02 Feb 2003

How much you looking for?

I'm very interested.

  Scouse 20:37 02 Feb 2003

The thread title gives the "Price"!!

"the village idiot", Sounds pretty good. Never disagree with any worthy causes.

  LastChip 23:58 02 Feb 2003

I still have a use for it and waiting patiently.

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