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  pcdimwit 00:08 26 Sep 2010

Hi, can anyone recommend a FREE file sharing programme that doesnt have to be downloaded by the recipient of a file - I have been using click here for sending files (for free!!) up to 100mb, this is great because it simply sends a "link" to the recipient's e-mail address of the file so the recipient doesnt have to have a programme installed to open the file. - I have been using PANDO which is great for files up to 1gb for free, However., I have had alot of problems with people I send vid. files to who cant get them to open, they have to download Pando to receive the file and then there is a terrible rigmarole trying to open the file, ostensibly Pando "looks" easy, but I have even sent myself a file and found it TERRIBLE to try and open it (and I have Pando prog. already installed) it seems to send the file to a remote location like downloads, received files folder on C drive etc., and for people who dont understand all this it is very difficult for them to "find" the file and then open it. So basically I am looking for a programme that works like click here but is able to send (FOR FREE) files that are much bigger than 100mb. Can anyone suggest anything?? thanks PCDIMWIT

  dogbreath1 11:43 27 Sep 2010

Up to 5GB can be uploaded foc to DivShare. click here

  pcdimwit 14:38 27 Sep 2010

Hi La\arus the 2nd, I used this click here service to send a file of only 149mb to a friend (and to myself) and it is a TERRIBLE CON!!! it sent the link to my own e-mail address but when you click on the download link you get an "incon" that says you have exceeded your daily download limit (which is crap because I hadnt ever used the service before) and a link to CON you into taking the paid package for this service!!! This is utter SHIT!!! not a FREE service at all!!! (i sent it to a different e-mail address of my own and not the one I used to register with click here so it is not as though uploading.com are thinking I have sent the file from one of my e-mail addresses then sent the file back to this very same e-mail address) so BEWARE!!! THIS IS NOT A FREE FILE UPLAODING SERVICE -- TOTALLY UNRECOMMENDED!!!

Free but slow, click here They also have a "pay for" service which is supposed to be faster, I didn't find it that much faster. No program to download - just free sign up. They email a link to your recipient (free service link has to be used in 3 days!)

  pcdimwit 15:39 27 Sep 2010

This is much better, the divshare programme you sent!!! I think it allows you to STORE up to 5gb of fils in your own "files" but allows you to send files (for FREE) up to 200mb - if I have understood it properly, I have just tested it and sent a file of 149mb to myself at a diffent e-mail address to that which I have registered with divshare.com, and the link is sent from your saved files and VOILA, it works fine!!! GREAT!!! it opens up a video player with a ">" Video icon in the middle of the screen and IMMEDIATELY plays a video file (if you have sent a vid. file) so VERY IMPRESSED!!! thanks alot, PCDIMWIT

  pcdimwit 17:40 27 Sep 2010

Well, the "uploading.com" programme is ostensibly good, but it expectS the recipient of an e-mail sent to them containing a file to apply for a paid subscription!! that is not what I am looking for, the whole premise of file sharing (for relatively small files) is that it is supposed to be FREE!!! the CON with uploading.com is that it lets the sender upload a file for FREE but then when he (me) sends it on to another person's e-mail address, they get an icon that tells them that they have exceeded their daily download limit (which is utter piffle of course!!!) and then invites them to buy a "subscription" for varying periods simply to download the file - this is a total RIP OFF!!! so NOT RECOMMENDED!!!

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