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  Pesala 10:47 02 Jul 2005

Anyone who wants to receive faxes on their PC can now do so via this new service. Faxes are free for the recepient and the sender is charged at the national rate = about 4 pence/page.

FAQ: click here

  Pesala 11:25 03 Jul 2005

Now anyone can fax me on 0871 243 9465.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:14 03 Jul 2005

People still use faxes? How twentieth century. ;-))


  Pesala 12:26 03 Jul 2005

Some people don't even own a PC. Would you believe it?

  octal 13:27 03 Jul 2005

"People still use faxes?"


Some companies, like holiday companies, will not accept changes to the itinerary unless its confirmed in writing or fax, not by email or telephone, Virgin holidays being one of them.

  Klof Ron 14:18 03 Jul 2005

Oh dear Gandalf, you obviously haven't thought this through. The Deaf community (of which I'm one) rely heavily on fax machines to communicate with friends and family, as well as the outside world. Whilst mobile phone texting has improved our lot for short, instant communication, until such times as video phoning becomes readily available, and is of sufficient standard for us to use our first language, British Sign Language, fax remains the only option. Having explained this, I understand your comments were made in a light hearted manner, and refer to the enormous leaps in technology made in the last few years.

  Stuartli 14:43 03 Jul 2005

I've been using Tiscali's free similar service for at least a couple of years and retain a dialup connection to send them - faxes sent to me come in e-mail form.

I switched to Tiscali after the well known, equally free FaxMe service fell by the wayside.

  pj123 15:25 03 Jul 2005

I took up Pesala's invitation "now anyone can fax me on 0871 243 9465" and sent a fax.

I have been using Trinite efax service for the last 5 years (£23 per year) mainly because anyone offering a free efax service (Tiscali and now Clara) have had a clause that you have to have an account with them. Is that still the case?

  Pesala 17:34 03 Jul 2005

The service is free for receiving only. I have a free pay-as-you go dial-up account with and an email address. It is an emergency fall-back in case my Broadband is not available.

  pj123 18:23 03 Jul 2005

So, technically it isn't a free fax service if you are not prepared to maintain a PAYG account with them, which is the same as the Tiscali free fax service. That means you have to keep an analogue modem installed and active in your computer whether or not you need it.

  Kate B 19:15 03 Jul 2005

I keep an antiquated fax machine for one purpose only: my doctor only accepts requests for repeat prescriptions (I need migraine medication about every six weeks) by fax or in person. When the surgery finally catches up with the rest of the world and goes to email I'll be consigning the fax machine to the dusty under-the-stairs cupboard where the rest of my discarded hardware lives.

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