Free Email Providers and OE

  nickr 15:02 07 Aug 2005

I have several free email accounts which I want to use via Outlook Express to save having to go into each account seperately when sending / receiving email.

Two of the accounts I use are Yahoo ones, who, I believe will now not allow you to 'POP3' unless you pay.

Can you recommend decent free email providers (not hotmail!) which are compatible with OE?

  mattyc_92 15:06 07 Aug 2005

Gmail supposed to be, but I can't get it to work with OE.

  mattyc_92 15:07 07 Aug 2005

You need an "invite" to use Gmail.

E-mail me, via the Yellow Envolope and I will send you a gmail invite.

  nickr 15:09 07 Aug 2005

Yes, mattyc_92, I've had the same prob with gmail.

  nickr 15:09 07 Aug 2005

Thanks for the offer matty - got one already!

  mattyc_92 15:20 07 Aug 2005

I think you can get a FREE aol address.

Go to click here and leave the username and password fields blank and click logon. You should see a link labelled "Create one FREE now"

Don't know if you actually can though.

  nickr 15:52 07 Aug 2005

Cheers matty. Created new email a/c with aol, verified, etc, but it won't let me in! But that's another problem - life's too short! lol

Any more free email accounts?

  nickr 16:22 07 Aug 2005

matty - you CAN use GMAIL with OE. They must have just started allowing it.

  octal 16:48 07 Aug 2005 does offer POP3 access but doesn't. Having said that I access all my web mail addesses, Hotmail an Lycos using FreePops you can use this with as well.

click here

  djbenny 17:43 07 Aug 2005

i cant get gmail working via pop 3 properly, you have to change the setting though thats all i know but i use the gmail notifier, you could try using click here i have read it to be reliable

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