free DVD ripper?

  Gibbons 21:12 23 Apr 2007

hey I want to back up my dvds to my computer, is there a free program I can use or will I have to shell out for commercial products??

Thanks guys.

  STREETWORK 21:13 23 Apr 2007

try winamp, of just do it from windows media player

click here

  STREETWORK 21:14 23 Apr 2007
  derbyfc 21:24 23 Apr 2007

never used it,but have a look at
click here

  MAJ 21:26 23 Apr 2007

DVDShrink: click here

  MAJ 21:33 23 Apr 2007

Not sure about derbyfc's recommendation as I've never used it (looks like it's just burning software), but STREETWORK's recs only rip Audio CDs.

  derbyfc 21:38 23 Apr 2007

i think it works the same way as shrink in terms of creating a iso back up of the dvd

  MAJ 21:39 23 Apr 2007

One to look at then, derbyfc. ;)

  Gibbons 21:42 23 Apr 2007

ok cool shrink looks like a good one, ill give it a try, thanks for the help

  Gibbons 21:50 23 Apr 2007

is there anyway to extract the video and audio together so you can just watch them on your computer? cos I may be wrong but it looks like shrink seperates the two - ok for burning onto a new disc but not for just keeping movies on your comp.

  derbyfc 01:21 24 Apr 2007

it doesnt split them as such,
if you back up to hard drive as files the video file contains both audio and video.
alternatively,after "open disc" select back up,then in back up target,drop down menu,select iso image,you will then have a disc image.

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