free drivers or beta /microsoft ?

  jade25 19:34 28 Jul 2007

Have got a month old vista pc, at first no sound but found a jack lead was missing and got sound after buying one.
Today tried to play cds but no sound again, went on microsoft trouble shooting, it took me to a site called web stub. They did a scan and told me nero was to old and not compatible and even though never used it and its not in add and remove plus the site wanted me to buy another so left it.
Other problem microsoft told me was NV1DLA a square white box in task bar that has two marcros programs that l have to click to run then it goe's away but if not done, it stays with red circle with a line across, was told there graphic drivers, will they be anything to do with sound ?.
A friend got the same pc and has the same problem when going online and just closes the message which l have done,but she has sound , there was a link for a driver for this but it was to buy the whole thing.
Am very unsure about this even though its from microsoft,

  Stuartli 19:39 28 Jul 2007

I think you mean nVidia - does your system have an nVidia graphics card, motherboard or similar?

You can download any drivers required from:

click here

  jade25 22:20 28 Jul 2007

You must be sick of me and vista.
Before l went to see if there was a sound card and it said there wasn't then read on the web that in vista they don't always show.
But up till last monday l had sound as l had bought a lead and today thought maybe one end had come out but they were fine.
So is the graphic driver to do with sound.
Another thing you might know the answer to is when l log on it takes quite a while, more than dial up did but besides the graphics it always tells me about a applet that is not progressed or some other big word and l have the small pictures on my side bar and was told a bit ago they should be moving not still , like the waterfalls, will that be the same and need a driver,thanks for the link,

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