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  gagada 23:43 26 Sep 2006

just dowloaded some handy free software.How can I copy this on to my son's computer in another room.He isn't on the internet.

  Jak_1 00:05 27 Sep 2006

burn them to cd.

  Bogbrain 16:30 27 Sep 2006

or a floppy. It's safe to assume your sons pc had a cd rom plus a cd re-writer or dvd drive? And also that you have a method of being able to burn them onto a removeable format for him? Otherwise the next question will be - what does 'burn' mean . . . . .

  Stuartli 16:33 27 Sep 2006

Or just copy them using a memory card and a memory card reader/writer and immediately transfer them to your son's system.

  postie24 16:36 27 Sep 2006

hi there use a usb flash drive.copy to the drive,then plug it in to your sons pc and copy it that way.

  Stuartli 16:41 27 Sep 2006

The requirement is the other way round...:-)

  postie24 16:51 27 Sep 2006

sorry must be reading this wrong.gagada wants to transfer some software from 1 pc to i right?if yes,a flash drive is the easiest method.i download lots of software to my flashdrive,then transfer it to my laptop via flash drive

  postie24 18:05 27 Sep 2006

gagada when you download anything from the internet,do you save it 1st instead of running it.its best to save it then you can scan it 1st for viruses before you open it.once you have the saved programme install,you can drag n drop it to a flash drive,then transfer to sons pc

  Stuartli 18:08 27 Sep 2006

I was being pedantic - it's to go on gagada's son's PC.

If you don't have a USB flash drive then the method I mentioned (memory card, the one from your digital camaera if you have one, and a card reader/writer) will also work equally well.

In fact it's the method I use.

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