free disc space vanishing on XP

  PeterSR 19:30 12 Jul 2007

I have a problem with my PC running XP (SP2)

When I boot the PC, it shows I have 23GB (45%)
free space on my main partition (C:). As time
passes, this figure steadily drops until
eventually it shows 0MB free space. When I reboot
(doing nothing else), it returns to the original

Stopping all applications except disc manager to
display the Free Space and repeatedly selecting
"Rescan Disks" shows Free Space dropping by about
0.01GB each time.

I have run disc checks that never show any

This issue means that I have to reboot every few

Any suggestions?

  VoG II 19:36 12 Jul 2007

Check whether you have this file:


  PeterSR 19:43 12 Jul 2007

I do not have a file C:\windows\system32\logfiles\wmi\trace

  PeterSR 19:45 12 Jul 2007

I was too quick. There is a file trace.log:

Exception class: EReadError
Exception address: 00421CD3
Stack list, generated 12/07/2007 19:44:21
[00421CCE] Classes.TStream.ReadBuffer + $2E
[00638D96] uMain.IsHexFile (Line 3581, "uMain.pas" + 15) + $B
[00638E82] uMain.TfPSPad.OpenSynEditFile (Line 3607, "uMain.pas" + 15) + $26
[00645376] uMain.TfPSPad.OpenFileByParams (Line 8387, "uMain.pas" + 23) + $A
[00645985] uMain.TfPSPad.RestoreFiles (Line 8559, "uMain.pas" + 5) + $4
[00632BEA] uMain.TfPSPad.PSPadInitialize (Line 1663, "uMain.pas" + 29) + $4
[0040454F] System.TObject.Dispatch + $13
[0049CAE8] Controls.TControl.WndProc + $188
[00482BD9] Forms.ShowMDIClientEdge + $D
[0049FB47] Controls.TWinControl.WndProc + $157
[004859D1] Forms.TCustomForm.WndProc + $421
[0049F7C4] Controls.TWinControl.MainWndProc + $2C
[004296C0] Classes.StdWndProc + $14
[0048C0C3] Forms.TApplication.ProcessMessage + $83
[0048C0FA] Forms.TApplication.HandleMessage + $A
[0048C32A] Forms.TApplication.Run + $96
[00674402] PSPad.PSPad (Line 60, "I:\Delphi7\Projekty\PSPad\PSPad.dpr" + 35) + $7
Program : C:\PROGRA~1\PSPad\PSPad.exe 4.3.2 (2042)
System : Windows XP Professional, Version: 5.1, Build: A28, "Service Pack 2"
Processor: Intel, Pentium 4, 3150 MHz MMX
Display : 1280x1024 pixels, 32 bpp
Active Controls hiearchy:
TfPSPad "fPSPad"

  VoG II 19:49 12 Jul 2007

Download tracelog_setup.exe click here

Double click it to install - install Tracelog to C:\ (not the default folder).

Start, Run, type


and click OK.

At the > prompt type:

C:\tracelog -stop

and press the Enter key. Then type

C:\tracelog -x

and press Enter.

Start, Run, type


and click OK.

Navigate to the folowing key:


Right click it and choose Modify.

Change the value from 1 to 0.

Close the registry editor and reboot.

  PeterSR 21:34 12 Jul 2007

I had already tried turning of restore points.

The tracelog suggestion seems to have made some
difference. Now, repeated calls to Rescan Disks do
not nibble away at the free space. I'll have to
see what happens tomorrow to determine if the problem
has been resolved.

Thanks for you help.

  PeterSR 10:49 13 Jul 2007

Since making the tracelog change you suggested the problems has disappeared.

Thanks again

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