Free CD/DVD burning program

  hiwatt 19:19 10 Oct 2011

Hi folks Could someone recommend a good "Free" program for burning cd's and regular dvd's(VOB files)that will play on a standalone dvd player please?Thanks.

  Belatucadrus 19:32 10 Oct 2011
  hiwatt 10:08 11 Oct 2011

Thanks Belatucadrus.I'll give that a go!

  hiwatt 18:49 11 Oct 2011

I was going to install ashampoo and came across this review!Has anyone else had these problems?Might CD burnerXP be better?

"They will stick their Conduit ToolBar down your throat even when you opt out. Such a bunch of garbage I have never seen in my life. You will regret downloading this software. Takes an act of Congress to get this junk out of your computer. Neither the Windows Uninstaller nor Revo Uninstaller would get all this crap out. Thank God I accidentally found an UN-installer by IoBit and it did the job"

  Belatucadrus 19:28 11 Oct 2011

One bad review in thirteen, all the other users of version 6.8 give it 5/5. I used to use one of the older versions before I picked up a copy of the full version on a cover disk and all I can say is it never gave me any problems. Here are some other user reviews to peruse, read and make up your own mind.

  lotvic 19:31 11 Oct 2011

I've got both (and a few more burners.. imgburn, DVDflick, Roxio, WondershareDVD toVideo Burner) never had a problem not installing extra toolbars.

I think I have too many, must sort them out sometime. I've got Nero as well but never got round to installing it.

I keep meaning to try them out to see which one I like best but never get round to it.

  cocteau48 19:47 11 Oct 2011

Have a read here:enter link description here

  hiwatt 13:08 12 Oct 2011

It was really just the toolbar comment and the fact that it's hard to uninstall that worried me.This is for somone else's computer which came with Roxio cretor installed but it doesn't seem to burn dvd's only cd's or data discs!So does it install this toolbar even if you choose not to install it?Thanks.

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