free cd writer programme wanted please

  eysha 18:11 18 Mar 2010

Hi, i have a vista laptop and miss my old floppy drive as it was so easy to save to floppy disks. Can anyone suggest a free programme that will write to a cd in the same was as the old floppy drive did? I have lots to write up now and need a programme that can do the same as the old floppies but sometimes i can only get a little bit written at a time and programmes like Nero use up a lot of disk space when saving and doesn't really work very well.
Thanks in advance

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:21 18 Mar 2010

You can only use a Re write CD in the same way as a floppy disk and they are not too reliable.

You would be better to forget CDs and use an external drive or a USB pen drive.

  jimv7 18:32 18 Mar 2010

right click the files and 'send to' the cd writer, vista has its own writing software, do not finalize the disk.

  eysha 18:50 18 Mar 2010

Jimv7 i didn't know that. Please explain. Must it be a cd re-write as said above? does it write over the last file like the floppies did?

  eysha 18:55 18 Mar 2010

just tried the 'send to' thing and it doesn't have the option of sending to the cd. I am using word.

  Hudson 22:19 18 Mar 2010

It may say 'removable disk'. (Not certain as I use XP.) But a pen drive is more convenient - works just like a huge floppy.

  jack 22:24 18 Mar 2010

To have the same rewritability as a floppy you do need a CD-RW
but they have proven to be unreliable for durability.
You can simply write to CD by putting a blank CD in the drive and dragging the files to the CD drive icon on the desk top - Vista will 'hold your hand from there on.
The current best idea is to have an external USB Harddrive.

  Hudson 22:29 18 Mar 2010

External hard drive if you want a lot of stuff on one storage medium. But if it's to be like a floppy, I presume you want something relatively small and cheap.

  eysha 22:35 18 Mar 2010

cheap is good but i liked the way you used to just click the save button and it saved to floppy the latest version of your text without problems. I find Nero doesn't do that so was looking for a good and very easy way to save data even if i only write a short piece and have to stop. on a cd rewritable i understand that each time you save a new piece it takes up more space so a lot of disk space is wasted unlike floppies - or have i got that wrong?
a cheap usb pen sounds OK but i thought there might be a free programme out there.
Thanks in advance.

  DieSse 00:11 19 Mar 2010

"have i got that wrong?"

You've got it correct. But then there is much more space, and eventually you can erase everything and start again (with a CD-R/W).

The only simple way to do what you want is with a USB memory stick - it acts exactly like a giant floppy, and you don't need a program at all - just use it as you would a floppy drive (but you can get loads more on one!)

  eysha 18:02 19 Mar 2010

Thanks for all the responses. I think a USB is the way to go.
Kindest regards to all.

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