Free CD screws up screen resolution

  Young Ranger 22:15 05 Mar 2003

I tried out a free cd rom which has screwed up the screen resolution leaving two black lines and a screen image which is distorted at either side. Does any one know how to undo this without using system restore.

Just out of interest, does anyone know what causes the problem and why do magazines produce CDs/CD ROMS that do this.

  MAJ 22:21 05 Mar 2003

Check your display settings in Control Panel, make sure they are correct. If that doesn't help, try reloading your graphics card's drivers.

  Djohn 22:40 05 Mar 2003

Was it a game that you tried, if so switch off and reboot, should put it back to correct setting.

If not then do as MAJ suggest and check your settings in control panel/display. Set them to the resolution/refresh and colour you want, and then if your screen is still not correct, adjust from the monitor itself.

The buttons on the front of your monitor will allow you to alter the Height/width/position and curves of your display.

  Young Ranger 23:12 05 Mar 2003

Thanks to maj and Djohn.

Sorted it by reloading the graphics card driver as sugested. (Had already tried doing it with the monitor buttons but that didn't work).

If poss, and just out of interest, I would like to know what it is about these discs that occasionally causes this problem.

Thanks again.

  MAJ 23:18 05 Mar 2003

Just something on the disk that conflicts with your driver files. It happens, from time to time. That CD will probably work okay with 98% of PCs, yours, unluckily, was in the other 2%, Young Ranger.

  Djohn 23:21 05 Mar 2003

I think it is if your graphics card is set to a given refresh rate, such as 60, 75, 80hz and so on.

I have mine set to *optimal*, then if a game or other program alters the resolution to play, when you switch back to windows, it will automatically select the correct refresh rate. I think that is the corect answer. J.

  woody 23:23 05 Mar 2003

I load/unload a lot of free CD,s .Most prog do work but some cause prob due (in my opinion)to incompatibility with some component in my(your) comp. With thousands of combinations of components it is bound to happen.If the problem could be easily overcome i feel sure the mags would solve it.

  Young Ranger 11:46 06 Mar 2003

I think I will try Djohn's idea and set the refresh rate to optimal.

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