Is Free Broad Band Free

  Audeal 16:09 29 Jan 2003

As posted yesterday (Tuesday) concerning the Free Broad Band. I visited the site and registered my interest in joining the bandwagon. Shortly after I recieved an e-mail thanking me for my interest and informing me that I will be given a "discount" on all recomendations I make to this site to friends and family. Discount? I thought this was free. Have I read something wrong or have I gone round the twist.

Would anyone care to comment on this.


  Djohn 16:29 29 Jan 2003

click here Look at this thread, I'm with you, but even the thread has 13 post! :o(

  tran1 16:41 29 Jan 2003

Its almost probably means free Connection. You still pay the montly or year fee.

  Audeal 20:31 29 Jan 2003

Tran1. The following is a copy of part of the Terms and Conditions taken from the website. In other words, No Connection or monthly charges.

"FreeBB will, in its sole discretion, determine the criteria for the provision of free broadband access and at this time are under no obligation to provide this service to any individual. All individuals that meet the criteria will receive a broadband Internet connection at home, completely free of any connection or monthly charges, for a minimum period of one year."

One Small correction I wish to make to my thread is the use of the word " Discount " It should have been "Credit" as you can see from the following statement.

"Visit click here now and we will allow you credit for each and every friend notified
by you, using our automated facility."

This still implies a payment to be made for this "Free Broad Band" service, how else can one receive a credit.

  cjc42 21:29 29 Jan 2003

Being a total cynic, I'd suggest it's 'free' if you recommend enough people (mugs?), AND they sign up, to get the 'credits' to pay your fees.

  jazzypop 21:41 29 Jan 2003

Of course it is totally free.

And your cheque is in the post.

Of course I'll still love you in the morning.

Vote for me and I promise I will .... [choose your own phrase]

Oh - is there oil in Iraq?

The next version of our software will be the most stable / fastest ever.

  Audeal 23:41 29 Jan 2003

If this comes from Iraq then we have already lost the war.

  jazzypop 23:56 29 Jan 2003

To be slightly more serious (briefly), there is nothing more than speculation at the moment. One interesting forecast I saw was that the provision of broadband will be free, for those who spend enough with the allied advertisers.

Watch closely, and tread very, very carefully :)

  Audeal 11:36 30 Jan 2003

After reading the thread that djohn provided then it appears that you need a Cable connection. This is OK if you can get cable but not everyone can. I, for example, have got the cables laid outside my block of flats but do not come into the building and, of course, no one is prepared to pay to have it routed into the flats, so I will not be able to receive this Free Broad Band.

I feel they should have given this information to us BEFORE we registered our interest. They seem to be holding thing back from us for some reason.

What is the point of registering an interest only to find out later that you do not qualify for the service. I think they should tell us all there is to know so we can decide if we do qualify before registering.

I do except what they say that they can not disclose everything to us yet but surely this small fact is not a secret.

jazzypop's advice is right: Watch closely, and tread very, very carefully :)

  jazzypop 11:53 30 Jan 2003

I suspect that their ability to attract adverisers will be highly dependent on the number of pre-registrations that they acquire.

The fact that the advertisers cannot know how many pre-registrations will be able to subscribe (due to the availability of Cable), is another warning sign for me.

  VEG 11:59 30 Jan 2003

or they are going to pass on the email addresses to others for advertisments keep an eye on your inboxes!!

Since when do you get something for nothing?

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