Free backup utility

  stlucia 13:30 04 May 2004

Any recommendations for a free utility that will backup my HDDs to an external HDD in their native format, and back up only files that have changed since the last backup?

Software that came with my Maxtor does the job, but it saves them in its own format, even if I configure it not to compress them, so that I can't then browse and access them using Explorer.

  TomJerry 13:34 04 May 2004

It does the job you required. click here. The older version (6.0) come with a PC magazine for free (cannot remember which one, maybe PC Advisor, cannot remember which issue). New version 7.0 does more, but not free.

  stlucia 13:40 04 May 2004

Thanks, TomJerry, I'll have to check out your link when I get home because it's blocked on my system at work for some reason.

  rawprawn 14:58 04 May 2004

If you are using Winows XP Home there is one on the CD, if you are I can tellyou how to find it, if you dn't already know.

  Stuartli 15:11 04 May 2004

To follow up rawprawn's offer I did outline the details in this thread:

click here

Backup is not installed by default in XP Home, only XP Pro, so you have to add it from the XP disk.

  Stuartli 15:17 04 May 2004

Probably for very good reasons as far as the Adminstrator is concerned...:-)

  stlucia 15:21 04 May 2004

Ah yes, I should have said I was on XP Home. I'll browse the disk and find it, thanks. And thanks for the link to the other posts.

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