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  2020 15:46 27 Dec 2004

hi my sister was going to try out AOL free trial whilst she waits to have broadband installed. it looks like its free of all charges so long as you cancel b4 the end of the trial, is this the case or are there some hidden costs? its just i have heard very poor repotrs about AOL.
many thanks

  picklsey 16:14 27 Dec 2004

no catches,and don,t believe the rubbish you hear about daughter took up the offer her old pc packed up so she cancelled the free trial no problem what so ever.she got a knew pc for christmas and is going to sign up for the bb package.i,ve been with them for years and i,m more than happy with them.

  Gongoozler 16:14 27 Dec 2004

My main issue with AOL was always the difficulty of removing it after it has been installed. I don't know if it's any better these days, but I doubt it.

  picklsey 16:20 27 Dec 2004

Gongoozler..yes i heard it was difficult to remove aol so a while back i removed it to see if it was true there was no probs. at all.after removing it i ran c/cleaner and that cleared it all out.

  Diemmess 16:21 27 Dec 2004

No special bother uninstalling Aol, in fact it has its own uninstaller. Any leftover files can be deleted after the uninstalling is complete, with say CClean.

My guess is she would be fine with Aol BB anyway. Much less fuss for beginners particularly, and even dyed-in-the-wool users like me.

  Djohn 16:27 27 Dec 2004

AOL offers a free trial of their software and it is exactly that, no catches or small print to read apart from making sure of the period of notice you have to give before cancellation.

Software is easy enough to remove from control panel then Add/remove programs after this you need to do a search for all AOL files/folders and quite a lot will still show up but can be deleted in blocks at a time though some need to be removed individually.

Do this a couple of times with a re-boot in between each one and AOL will be gone from your PC. True, there will still be a couple of entries in the registry but these you will never see and as far as the user of the PC is concerned they will not see any mention of AOL nor will it cause any conflict with any other program or application.

All programs/applications will leave a bit of info in the registry so AOL is not alone in this. Take up the offer, your sister may find she likes it but if not then it is very easy to remove. I was with AOL for three years and tested many of their products and updates of new software, none gave any problem in removing.

  Gongoozler 16:30 27 Dec 2004

Hi picklsey, thanks for that update. I suspect that AOL recognised that they were getting bad publicity over the difficulty of uninstalling and improved their uninstaller. My information was from several years ago!

  ton 17:42 27 Dec 2004

AOL are a very good ISP for someone who is new to the internet.

  GaT7 18:24 27 Dec 2004

2020, I would recommend their free trial as well - just tell your sister to remember to cancel before it ends. Two years ago, I found problems with installing/uninstalling their software, but got there in the end. If your sister has any AOL-related problems that AOL cannot/will not sort (I did), tell her to post them here & we'll do our best to help : ) G

  CurlyWhirly 19:06 27 Dec 2004

AOL are a very good ISP for someone who is new to the internet.

I second that! I have had a PC for around 3 years and I found their software very easy to use and very reliable and I am *still* with them after 3 years so they must be doing something right!
They are ideal for a newcomer as they offer a complete package.
I was a newcomer when I first tried them out.
Perhaps after people have been with them for a while *then* they can venture further afield if they want to.

Also it is a complete myth that their software is difficult to remove, as I have done it on *numerous* occasions while upgrading from AOL 8 to AOL 9 for example.

  deep-joy 19:43 27 Dec 2004

I had their free trial and decided not to use it at that time - no probs cancelling it. However, now I am with AOL dial up and no problems very reliable ISP

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