"Free" Anti-Virus & Firewall Software?

  Blitzer 12:57 16 Dec 2006


I know it has been asked many times before but you anyone recommend current free versions of Anti-Virus and Firewall software, either as a combined package like Norton Internet Security or as seperate pieces of software that work well together?

I've been using Norton Internet Security for a number of years now and although happy with how it works and it's performance it does bug me on how resource hungry it is. One of my PC's is still running Win98se which also means I can't even use the lastest version of Norton anyway.

So just to recap I'm after Free (preferably) Anti-Virus and Firewall software that has a good track record, is not resource hungry and will work on both a Window 98se and Windows Home XP. BTW these two machine are networked together and the Win98 machine provides an internet connect for the XP machine in case this makes a difference?

Thanks very much in advance for your suggestions. :)

  surfmonkey #:@}© 13:05 16 Dec 2006

avg is good at click here

  surfmonkey #:@}© 13:17 16 Dec 2006

click here download page link

  Totally-braindead 13:41 16 Dec 2006

The 2 main free ones are AVG and AVAST. Theres little to choose between them, I use AVG mainly because that was the first one I tried.
Since you appear to have more than one PC why not try AVG on one and AVAST on the other and see what YOU like.

  anskyber 13:47 16 Dec 2006

Zone Alarm firewall works with 98. click here

  spuds 14:37 16 Dec 2006

Avast click here AVG click here ZoneAlarm click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:48 16 Dec 2006

AVG/Avast and any old firewall....no more to add.


  mymate 15:46 16 Dec 2006

Blimey,every day someone asks the question.

  Jai 15:49 16 Dec 2006

You're not kidding. Why don't they search the archives? As Blitzer said " I know it's been asked many times before"

  Blitzer 16:23 16 Dec 2006

Thanks for the feedback, looks like it's still a choice between AVG or Avast for Anti-Virus then coupled with Zone-Alarm for firewall.

Any advice to be given on the total removal of NIS or is normal uninstallation ok as long as it removes correctly? I'm kinda planning to update my XP machine sometime next year and use the old parts to replace the Win98 machine so I'm wanting to spend too much time fixing the '98 machine as it were! :)

mymate & Jai,

While I appreciate your POV I did make it very clear from the out-set what this posting was about. Please note my phrase "recommend current free versions of Anti-Virus and Firewall software", particularly the word "current". I have done a search and there's nothing I can see at a quick glance that does not go back until August - not current in my book. If you've nothing to really add to the thread which is constructive why not just skip over it? :)

  VoG II 16:25 16 Dec 2006

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