freak accident = ruined PC?!

  fbadt 16:10 31 Oct 2008

hey there, I just had the strangest 'accident' with my PC which seems to have killed it dead. I just walked in, took off my jumper (which had some static in it...) and dropped it on my desk, the sleeve touched my PC base and I thought I saw a spark, but can't be sure. tried to turn PC on, but it's dead - worked fine last night, turned of as usual, no problem. I just changed the fuse and when I plugged it in, there was an almighty bang from the back of PC and it stinks of burning, I've opened the back and I can't see anything fizzled, but has it died for good does anyone know? I daren't try another fuse! nothing started up when it went bang, just happened as soon as the plug touched the socket. scary! any ideas, if it's dead is it even worth trying to rescue harddrive? help me please!

  sunnystaines 16:14 31 Oct 2008

my just be the psu blown or if unlucky them/b as well.

can you get hold of a spare psu to test.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:14 31 Oct 2008

If your lucky its just the PSU that has blown.

If unlucky it can take motherboard and hard drives with it.

"I've opened the back and I can't see anything fizzled"
then maybe just the PSU

  skidzy 16:40 31 Oct 2008

I would agree with the above...psu has blown,and as said...hopefully it has not taken out the motherboard.

  Diemmess 18:00 31 Oct 2008

The sparking pullover has to be coincidence.
A computer completely assembled, will not be affected by static electricity. It is in effect inside a Faraday cage.

Phone line strikes or dodgy mains blips are more common.

I go with every other contributer. The PSU has "passed over." The smell and fireworks- oh unhappy memories.

  laurie53 19:58 31 Oct 2008

"A computer completely assembled, will not be affected by static electricity"

Oh yes it will!

I used to work in a place where regularly, as I sat down and started to use the keyboard, a spark would shoot from my finger down beside whichever key I was at into the keyboard.

Invariably crashed (but never trashed) the computer.

  birksy 08:13 01 Nov 2008

I thought computer keyboards had a screened cable.
(Cable with metal braid surrounding the wires)
If so, any static, would go to the PC chassis, and hence to earth.

Laurie53: Was the place you worked using tuppeny ape knee keyboards, without screened cable?

FBADT: Was the computer plugged in to the A.C. supply?
If so, then the jumper was a coincidence, as all static will go to earth through the case, being connected via the 13A plug. (Plugged in, will do, as the earth connection is not switched on/off like the A.C. supply)

  mooly 08:27 01 Nov 2008

It's possible. Static jumping to a PC chassis ie the zero volt line on the PCB will do no harm and will not even cause a glitch. If that same static jumped to an "input" ie USB port, serial port, anything like that it could not only crash it but as you say trash it, but you would be unlucky for that to happen.
In laurie's case that could apply.

  fbadt 09:29 01 Nov 2008

morning all, as you guys suggested, new PSU installed last night and it's returned to life! thanks for those posts, and for the discussion about jumper vs coincidence! To be safe from now on I won't strip next to the pc...
thanks again,

  laurie53 21:21 01 Nov 2008

Remember that while the current is small, to be able to cause a visible spark the static discharge is up in the thousands of volts.

To such a voltage looking for a path a delicate component of, say, 0.01 ohms is an earth, and all the screening on earth will not change that.

That's why I always wear a wrist strap when fiddling inside even if the earth connection is still made.

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