Fraudulent Emails.

  Meshuga 08:12 19 Oct 2004

Please be aware that there are emails being sent supposedly from Citibank saying that the system is being upgraded and for you to confirm your account details otherwise you will have difficulty accessing your account. These are Bogus emails. I know this has had publicity in the past but there may be new members who do not know. I don`t even bank with Citibank but I have checked with them and they confirmed that they never email customers in this way. Meshuga.

  Andsome 08:29 19 Oct 2004

Good post this one. It should be noted that NO such organisation will ever send this sort of e-mail out. If you so much as click onto the link that they provide, to have a look at their sham website, you can download an infection. If there are any queries on any of your accounts, you will find out when you enter the URL yourself and visit the site voluntarily, then and only then will you be informed if there is a problem with your account.

  Meshuga 08:33 19 Oct 2004

I had one on Sunday, hence the advice. Meshuga.

  spuds 10:44 19 Oct 2004

I get these on a regular basis, especially from companies that I have no dealings with, so I know from the start that they are very suspect. Here's a site worthy of a browse click here

  Legolas 10:49 19 Oct 2004

I have had some in the last day or two. They can look quite professional and if I was,nt an experienced internet user it would be quite easy to fall for them. What lets them down is the grammer and phrasing, things like 'we would like that you update your bank details' and as said banks will never sent out emails of this kind.

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