eccy92 19:54 27 Jan 2007

Today I checked my online bank account and found that someone as bought a digital camera worth £850 from tescos direct using my credit card details. The person simply ordered it online then had the cheek to go and collect it from the store. I have phoned tescos and the bank who said they are looking into the matter. I never use this credit to buy things in the shop only buy things online from secure sites any ideas how I can prevent this from happening again I have been buying things online for ages now but have lost all confidence in it thanks David

  Graham. 20:01 27 Jan 2007

This is becoming more common. Someone has got access to your card details. Do you shred your statements, or just put them in the bin?

  eccy92 20:16 27 Jan 2007

I don't have statements sent through the post now I signed up for online documents I can't believe that someone just walked into the shop and collected it it sounds to easy. I just can't understand how they got the credit details they also new my tesco online details as the item was in my history as being bought and collected

  Graham. 20:41 27 Jan 2007

Do you have a wireless network?

  eccy92 20:52 27 Jan 2007

yes I use a router if I remember I secure it sometimes I do forget though. I thought it only had a limited range can some one get your details from this then

  postie24 20:57 27 Jan 2007

Yes a keylogger can get your details.Secure your network with wpa encryption


  eccy92 21:26 27 Jan 2007

thanks I will try and remember to do that everytime

  Diversion 21:48 27 Jan 2007

I've heard that a person sat outside your home with a laptop can tap into a wireless internet connection when you go online, just how true this is I couldn't say.

  Jak_1 21:51 27 Jan 2007

Have you given the police all the details of the fraud also?
This is one reason why I do not have wifi conections, even then all personal data is encrypted using PGP. Regular av and antispy scans are a must, i do them daily sometimes antispy twice whilst online. A good firewall should stop keylogger trojans from contacting their master, windows firewall does not do this.

  postie24 21:59 27 Jan 2007

Diversion,yes its true,but to steal your details certain software is required to do this


  Diversion 22:13 27 Jan 2007

Subseven would do this, with that program one can do anything one wants with someone elses computer including following the user onto his own secure bank website and it logs all the details from the page visited.

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