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  DRiM 21:27 20 Apr 2004

I have a website consisting of about 12 pages. When surfers find my page through Google (and presumably other search engines) it links into an inside page, NOT index.html.

This means that they do not see the navigation frame that links to all the other pages and cannot visit them.

How do I solve the problem?


  lucky1 22:02 20 Apr 2004

Sorry I can't help you. Suggest you re-post this in the WebDesign Forum on this site.


  DRiM 22:06 20 Apr 2004

Thanks lucky, I have posted there too and nobody has come up with a solution, seems the whole of the internet world can't solve this one!

(Now there's a challenge!)


  Simsy 07:14 21 Apr 2004

someone may be able to look at the code and get a clue as to if it can be solved.

I suspect if someone has a directlink, (by whatever means), to one of the pages that should be seen within a frame there is no way of stopping it being loaded directly. The secret is to get them to know about the indexpage.

It may be that Google doesn't know about your indexpage, so can't suggest it in search results? I'm not an expert here, but I think putting something in the "metadata" in the head of the indexpage might help.

Good luck,



  Eric10 08:33 21 Apr 2004

Put this in the body tag:

<body onload="if (self == top) document.location.href='../index.htm?' + 'document.location.href';>

  User-312386 08:38 21 Apr 2004

you need to enter your website into seacrh engines

my website click here is top of googles listings if you put in tonydos

who do you use for your webhosting? they may have a section to enter your name in all the search engines

  Eric10 09:16 21 Apr 2004

I used to get the same problem. The search engines don't only work on keywords anymore but can search all your pages for content. This can result in a single page being loaded if the content matches the search critia. This misses all the navigation that is in the frameset page. With the code that I have given above (although you will use index.html instead of index.htm and the final semicolon isn't needed if there is nothing else following it inside the tag), if the page is loaded outside of the frameset then it will force your index.html page to load which I presume is the one containing your frameset. The code needs to be in the body tag of each page that may be affected except index.html.

  DRiM 19:20 21 Apr 2004

Thanks guys, its all very helpful.

I am working through all the suggestions.

I am a complete novice, and the general concensus seems to be that if possible, avoid using frames, so I will probably go back and change the webpages without frames, which in reality means only changing one page.

Thanks for all the help.


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