Framerate/power problem

  palmy mike 14:11 06 Nov 2007

Hi, here's my set up:

ASUS M2N4 Sli motherboard
AMD x2 6000+ CPU
4gb RAM (4 x 1gb DDR2 PC6400 800mhz)
Geforce 8800GTS 320mb Video card
Vista ultimate x64

I previously had only 2gb ram and I had framerate problems with my games, but after nvidia driver updates and vista hotfixes they were playable.

I then upgraded to 4gb faster ram to see if it helps and it has made it worse! The picture seems to have improved slightly, but the framerate has got much worse.

Is this a power issue? I have a hyper 570W. I think maybe because the new ram will take up more power, perhaps even less is being supplied to the video card therefore reducing clock speeds and framerate.

Should I get a bigger power supply?

  Fingees 17:08 06 Nov 2007

AS I understand it, Vista 32bit, will only recognise 3.7gig including any video memory.

That means in effect that having 4 gig could be slowing it down.

  Fingees 17:11 06 Nov 2007

sorry , I didn't notice you had 64 bit.version.
This of course should be OK

  palmy mike 11:37 07 Nov 2007

thanks for your responce. Do you think I could be right about the psu?

i had a 530 watt hiper on a similar set up, well a lesser set up amd 5200x2 2 gb 8800 vista ultimate 32 bit and it seemed to work, but had a few niggles and i was not happy with performance a new psu solved some issues so it was underpowered, i have since got rid of vista as all the games i play work loads better on xp.
so i think you may have a psu issue, but im not sure how well developed the 64 bit drivers are at this time. on that set up you should be looking for at least 26 amps on the 12 volt rail or 12v rails (combined)

  crosstrainer 12:16 07 Nov 2007

On that PSU, it's a good one, but will struggle, might be an idea to upgrade it to 730 watt version.

  palmy mike 13:01 07 Nov 2007

Ok, thanks all. All fingers seem to be pointing to the new PSU so I will do that and hope for the best. Vista, agreed, was a mistake. Too late now though!

Thanks again!

  citadel 17:21 07 Nov 2007

vista has things that slow games down. aero hogs resorces while gaming, you can turn it off. indexing is another, control panel system and maintenace, indexing options.

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