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  Need4Speed 09:37 02 Nov 2005

The pc I am purchased runs the following:- AMD ATHLON 64 X2 4600+ processer, 2GB DDR RAM, 250GB SERIAL ATA, ASUS A8N-SLI PREMIUM motherboard AND A ATI RADEON X850 XT PE graphics card with 256MB Mmemory and PCI Express.

But what I would like to is:
What frame rate would Doom 3 run at ( in FPS frames per seconds) An estimate would do as certain mags test this game on pcs and state that anything over 30 fps is average, 40 fps is better and 50 fps will have no problems with any games.

Can any1 help?

  gudgulf 10:27 02 Nov 2005

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From personal experience with a P4 @3.6GHz/ATI X800XT (AGP)/2 GB Corsair RAM Doom3 is playable at 1600x1200 with 2xAA/8xAF on UltraHigh detail settings at around 40FPS (mostly high 50s but occasionally dropping below 30).Drop the resolution down a little (1280x1064) and you will seldom drop below the 60FPS ceiling imposed by the game.

ATI are also promising big improvements in OpenGL games like Doom3 in the next release of their drivers (Catalyst 5.11)

  Sans le Sou 14:31 02 Nov 2005

I doubt you will have any probs with Doom on your rig as it plays alright on mine with a lowly 9800XT non SLI,PCI express or whatever with a quite boring 754pin Athlon 64 3400 and only 1gig of RAM. You have the option of shoving in another card with your SLI set up if needed.

  dth 17:20 02 Nov 2005

Less of that please Sans le Sou my p/c is a AMD 3400 64.....

  flyingbrit 20:34 02 Nov 2005

if you are playing Doom 3 take a look at the Upsetchaps Doom3 tweeks guide web site(sorry I can't put a link on from here I'm at work)then download the Ducktape mod.(it seems as though there wasn't any on Mars to tape a flashlight onto your gun)anyway it makes the game a hole lot more playable.

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