Fragmented Files

  rozelle 17:42 27 Dec 2007


I have looked in the section where similar problems have been resolved but am not sure if the Safe Mode sugestion is applicable in my case.

The report on the Fragmented Files reads as follows

6 x \Window System 32 MSDTC.LOG

81 \Windows 1386\DRIVER.CAP

11 \Windows\Driver Cache\i386\

I am not au fait with problems but one friend has said this means my Computer is ready for the knackers yard and another said this is not so.

Has anyone any ideas please?

  rawprawn 17:46 27 Dec 2007

Download and run this program, and see if it makes adifference.
Please report back

  rawprawn 17:47 27 Dec 2007
  rozelle 19:11 27 Dec 2007

I am really grateful for your prompt response. I did as you asked and downloaded and ran the program.
The report at the end of the process stated prior to this defrag there was an 0.89% fragmentation and afterwards it stated this had improved slightly and there was stil an 0.58% fragmentation. Looking at the report it stated that in the case of the line in my query where there were 11 items, this was now O.K. However for the other two items in my list, it stated that these were Imovable. There was also a considerable list of details as well, but far too much for me to repeat in this posting to you.
Any more thoughts on this please.
Many thanks

  skidzy 19:42 27 Dec 2007

As most of your fragmented files are from the i386 folder (system files) i would try and run sfc.

Start / run and type

sfc /scannow

And enter,note the space between c and /

You may need your windows disc if the os is not preinstalled.

  T0SH 21:14 27 Dec 2007

The i386 folders in the various locations mostly contain backup copies of installation cabinet files for service packs updates ETC,and are there incase you need to uninstall a service pack ,it appears that some of the individual file contents are fragmented it should not cause any problems

The other refference is a log file which is just a text document created as a record of events again this should not cause any problem

Cheers HC

  rozelle 22:08 27 Dec 2007

Hi to Skidsy & Tosh

Have noted your responses and will have a better look in the morning - am a little tired tonight.

I am very appreciative of you both for your replies.


  DieSse 00:30 28 Dec 2007

.cab files are not in actual use - fragmentation of them is irrelevant.

msdtc.log may be an SQL related file - very little used I suspect.

immoveable files should be marked so for good reasons - in which cases standard defragmenters should never touch them.

Fragmentation of files is, IMO, an overrated issue. Unless you continuously defragment (which you cannot) - there are always going to be some fragmented files. A modest degree of fragmentation is not harmful to the system, and unlikely to affect performance.

Anyone who says a very slightly fragmented system is "ready for the knackers yard" really doesn't understand the basics of filing systems.

I defragment about once every three months - there are always a few fragmented files left - and I never see noticeable performance changes before and after defragging.

  DieSse 00:31 28 Dec 2007

DRIVER.CAP - did you really mean

  rozelle 18:54 28 Dec 2007

Sorry to be late coming back to this - have had a hectic day.

Skidzy, loath though I am to admit it, I am quite a dope when it comes to following even simple instructions and my sister is not due here for a week or so!!

TOSH and DieSse - I am quite relieved to read your comments and this has set my mind at rest and I am not going to be concerned about this any longer. BTW, yes DieSse, I made a typing error, you are quite correct, it should have read

This forum is a wonderful resource because of the talented people who are so willing to help with problems.

Thanks again to you all

  DieSse 20:38 28 Dec 2007

OK - glad you feel happier.

One question though - is there another reason you were defragging - low performance perhaps?

If there is something more to this than simply getting fragmentation into perspective, please come back again with the actual issues you have, and I'm sure there will be more help forthcoming.

A new thread would probably be useful if you do need more help.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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