Fox One, anyone.

  Graham. 10:58 01 Nov 2008

Trying to download it, I get 'File is not exist!' from click here

Anyone managed to get it yet? This review is from 2006 click here

  bretsky 11:25 01 Nov 2008

Using Opera 9.61, no problem, window presents itself in a 14.6 MB zip folder(version it does download.

  Graham. 13:54 01 Nov 2008

Thanks, I tried with Opera 9.62, same message.

  Graham. 13:58 01 Nov 2008

Any chance you can email the zip folder to link on click here?

  Sea Urchin 15:12 01 Nov 2008

Sent as requested

  Sea Urchin 15:30 01 Nov 2008

Sorry mail returned undeliverable - reason illegal attachment

  aine 15:35 01 Nov 2008

I just clicked on it using firefox that can find the file in question

  bretsky 15:56 01 Nov 2008

Just going through now, but again don't know whether it will be rejected. just looked in T/bird a whooping 20Mbs largest I've ever sent, so check your inbox of the link on your website.

So far has not been

bretsky ;0)

  Graham. 17:06 01 Nov 2008

I've emailed you.

  bretsky 17:30 01 Nov 2008

Shall I try and send it to the email address you have sent to me via PCA?

bretsky ;0)

  Graham. 17:31 01 Nov 2008

Yes, OK.

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