dms05 10:44 22 May 2006

I know what found.001 etc files are. However I've been having problems with my favourite browser crashing and freezing my laptop. Each time I have tried to reinstall and run the program I have had the same freeze after a few minutes. Out of interest I looked at the found.001 files and was amazed their were several numbered 001 upwards and each was 2 GB or more. I've removed them to my recycle bin with no apparent problems when running XP and another browse. My question is 'why are the found.00x files so massive and what do they contain if I can effectively delete them with no ill effect'?

  ventanas 10:50 22 May 2006

click here Any help?

  woodchip 10:50 22 May 2006

All the errors that Scandisc cannot fix. If you have a Full XP Disc
Put it in the computer hold the shift key until light stops flashing, then in Run Box type


for the crashing it May be Heat problem, Muck in computer or CPU fan stopped or running slow.

Or less likely if it was OK Display drivers may need upgrading

  ventanas 10:52 22 May 2006

If it is relevant have a look here click here

  woodchip 10:56 22 May 2006

Wrong thread

  ventanas 10:59 22 May 2006

Sorry Woody, don't understand. dms05 asked about files with ascending extensions, starting at .001. These are typically .rar files. My links point to info on these.

Just for the record Sage backup files also use the extension .001, but do not ascend.

  woodchip 11:01 22 May 2006

Sorry about that. I was thinking it was for the thread aking about Rar files. As you know these are used in Linux mainly

  woodchip 11:03 22 May 2006

Just had a look but cannot see RAR

  woodchip 11:04 22 May 2006

PS I do have glasses but don't think it's that bad

  ventanas 11:05 22 May 2006

Have a look in the first link. There is some sort of explanation of the relationship between .rar and .001 etc. etc....

  dms05 11:08 22 May 2006

ventanas - <found.001> is a Windows file that contains (as woodchip says) all the errors <scandisc> cannot fix. I was wondering why it was such a large file. I can only assume my errant browser has a problem that's causing 2GB of HDD errors everytime it crashes. I've tried reinstalling and I can open some TABS in my browser but when I get to quite a small number (<10) it crashes. Before I could have >20 TABS open without any problems. It worked OK for a long period before the problem started!

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