found.000 folder

  rdave13 21:59 25 May 2014

Running a small SSD drive (64 GB) quite well for a long time I found my free space left at 16.7 gig. Reducing prefetch, disabling hibernate and so on I saved a huge amount of space. The usual with SSD's including disabling system restore ( eventually but that's another story). I've left indexing on as I like the library features, even in Win 8.1. So was puzzled where my hard drive space was going. Apparently Windows uses a huge amount of space with... chkdsk?

With hidden files and folders showing but protected operating system files hidden, in File explorer under C:\ I came across it. Only the one. Now all I can think of, as I've not run chkdsk is this happens when I create an image with Paragon. Strange things happen when reinstating from an image, for instance, no history of updates even though up to date, so I'm just guessing here.

Anyway, I was able to right click the folder and delete it. (No, or little, UAC running). On the deleting process I chickened out and skipped the few that gave a warning of system files etc.

Rebooted and all works ok. Checked tiles and desktop programs and security programs. Nothing seem amiss.

Checking my C drive free space and shows 24.4 GB. Gained well over 7GB.

Just thought that information might be useful to some.

After deleting it I checked up on the folder and came across this, link .

  bumpkin 22:38 25 May 2014

"found.000 folder"

Nothing to worry about.

  rdave13 23:02 25 May 2014

bumpkin , is that all you have to say when I found 7.7 extra GB on the drive?

I also tore my fingers to the bone to type that mini book.

All my efforts......wasted. (Violin music).

  lotvic 00:15 26 May 2014

"After deleting it I checked up on the folder"

You are braver than me ;) Stable door and horse come to mind.

Am just relieved for you that "Rebooted and all works ok. Checked tiles and desktop programs and security programs. Nothing seem amiss"

  rdave13 10:31 26 May 2014

I always create an image first when I'm playing around with the OS. You must admit it's a heck of a saving of hard drive space. Just puzzled when this chkdsk was run?

  lotvic 20:50 26 May 2014

Phew, I should have known you would create an image first :)

Bit of a puzzle over the chkdsk though.

  rdave13 22:27 01 Aug 2014

Well I never. Lost 2 GB again on my 65GB SSD . Puzzled so used WinDirStat to find the missing space. Low an behold Win 8.1 created an ESD folder. Apparently it's a backup folder used to refresh or completely reinstall the OS. Very important on an OEM system no doubt, but I have a retail system and wouldn't dream of using Windows' half-baked recovery programs. It's just appeared a few days ago. Why now its appeared is a mystery again, unless it is to do with updates.

I use Paragon and create an image at least once a month and since I've been using 8 this has never appeared before.

Microsoft works in mysterious ways and seem adamant to use your HDDs memory.

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